Independent Project: Research Question

Research Question

Conduct an observational experiment to investigate how the exam timetable affected the performance of students in sevens exams in a class of eighteen students.


Divide the student into three groups of six and name them as group A, B and C. Set three exam timetables. Schedule the time of doing the exams in three sessions namely; Morning session, afternoon, and evening session and assign them to group A, B, and C respectively. Group A should do all the exams in the morning sessions, group B in the afternoon and group B during the evening sessions. Independent variable; Exam timetable In this case, exam timetable becomes the independent variable because the performance of the student will depend on the time the exam is scheduled to be done. This is because the timetable on time directly affects the performance. The Ordinal level of measurement. This will involve ranking from specific to general. i.e., ranking from individual student performance to group performance through comparison.

Anova is the appropriate analyze for dependent variable in this experiment because it can be used perfectly when the number of observation differ in the specific group. It examines the relationship of the mean of different groups, that is, whether equal or not and the difference is used to compare the variance. In the calculation of descriptive analysis, mean and variance are appropriate for this case hence recommended.

Confounding Variables

Confounding variables refers to any other variable related to the dependent variable and in one way or the other affects the independent variable. In this experiment, they, involve physical and environmental changes on time and how they affect. About exams, they outline how the student will respond to exams. In the morning when their mind is not interrupted by many activities which may occur in the cause of the day or the mid-day. This is when the set activities of the day are in their climax stage and finally, in the evening having been exposed to all the activities during the day. The main research is to investigate the best time for best performance in exams.

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