Career Research Plan

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If I wanted to pursue a career in the Human Resource Department, I would have to have a respectable degree or certification of this field. It is very important for myself to have strong communication skills when taking many calls and speaking with employees. Stepping into this job field I should also be ready to step in and be ready to work in a diverse population. Human Resource is a department of a company which deals with the recruiting, training, screening and administrating the employees of that company. I feel as this career is perfect for myself, because I have a strong passion with working with others and staying organized while handling business.

A Human Resource Manager is supposed to look after the company’s employees, make sure they are motivated to do their best for the company’s sake, define perks and benefits they are to receive in order to make sure they don’t want to leave, manage their general performance, define new ways the entire organization may develop in future, deal with health and safety issues, define training programs that will increase the value of employees.

As a 9th Freshmen I believe that taking this Business and Technology course it will help me familiarize myself to the business terminology and prepare for college and the job world. This job in particular can be seen as proactive because of their continuous development and functions to improve the company workforce. Human resource management is the type of management where almost everybody in managing position can play apart in training and development. Human resource management is the center of an organization and can be seen as the backbone of the company.

This work position connects all departments together to ensure a smooth workflow and communication. This department also works and do their job to ensure the employee is taken care of and that the employee feels that he or she is a valued aspect of the company. Taking care of employees greatly ensures that the employees will in turn provide the best service possible to Managers and such. Throughout this year’s summer, I have gone to work with my mother in HR every week and experience all the business and responsibly she holds for her position. My assignment for the days changed casually from paper filing to payroll on the computer, which I picked up quickly after a few runs. Ever since my mother started her jobs years ago, I grew an interest on computers and everything business related which she thought was adorable and started to educate me here and there.

Whether it is watching her answer the phone or helping her employees, I know for sure I can fulfil this role in the future. Salary ranges can vary widely depend on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. Typically, HR managers are required to have a bachelor's degree in Business Administration or Human Resource Management. Once you have completed your courses and received your required bachelor’s degree you may now apply for the work force. With the proper training and education becoming a human resource manager can be a rewarding career.


As you first start, you should know that your pay is not going to please your desire, because the more experience and years you put in you may receive a raise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, human resources managers earned an average of $106,910 in 2016 and $51.40 per hour. I did not choose this career because of the money, but for the benefits it provides and the effort it is asking for. In the next 10 years, I plan to work for a corporate company and become its Human Resource Manager who discusses and search for employees to expand the business area while organizing programs while setting up interviews.

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