Ancient Egypt Research Project

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Did you know that to determine a god’s priest or priestess depends on the god’s gender itself? For example, Hathor, the goddess of motherhood, love, and beauty had priestesses and not any priest just because she was a woman. This is all based on religion which is the topic of this report.

This report will explain if any religion from these times can at all relate to our lives today. Religion was a huge impact to ancient Egypt. It determined priests or priestesses, different religions did different ceremonies and festivals, and overall ancient Egyptians based their lives off of religion. This topic is important because religion has changed a lot and was very important to Egyptians.

In the first subtopic, the text would compare these ceremonies and festivals to daily life now and see if it is any similar. The second subtopic will talk about normal Egyptians daily lives and compare that to our daily lives now as well. The last subtopic will be about the gods and goddesses themselves and see if any royal queens or kings are treated the same as them.

In this part of the report, it will cover different ceremonies and festivals that different religions performed or celebrated and compare them to celebrations we do now.

Some festivals that ancient Egyptians celebrated were the Opet festival, Wepet-Renpet festival, and the Wag festival. A ceremony that they performed was the process of mummification.

The Wepet-Renpet festival is most relatable to now because we still celebrate New Year’s Day. The Opet and The Wag festival were not alike festivals today. Mummification also didn’t relate at all to now because no one is made a mummy anymore anyway.

Overall, festivals and ceremonies were not similar to the celebrations we do now. Only one of the three festivals/ceremonies were able to be similar to now which shows that religion has changed over time.

Egyptians may or may not of had a life like people now. This subtopic waill compare ancient Egyptians daily life to our daily life. It might be the same or it might not.

Ancient Egyptian daily life revolves around the Nile and the rich soil around it. Family was very important as well. It came early for most ancient Egyptians because they tended to marry at young ages. Working life in ancient Egypt was hard on peasants. Most made a living working off the land through agricultural means.

The Nile was important because the fertile land around the Nile provided good harvests. The Nile was important to this land because it flooded yearly, enriching the oil. To families, especially royal, children were considered a blessing to them. Peasants did a lot of plowing. Even though the Egyptians made up the use of ox-drawn plow, it was still hard and tiring for them.Not to include crop taxes which were hard for poor peasant families.

In ancient Egypt, families seem to be the most relatable to now because even though marriage age isn’t the same, children are still very important to families. The Nile isn’t like what we have now because we don’t rely on having a river for daily floods and rich soil. Working isn’t the same either because people may still live off of farm work but they are not made to like slavery.

Overall, daily life also doesn’t seem to be alike daily life today. Like the last subtopic, only one of the three things I compared was relatable to now. This shows that daily lives of people has changed a lot since then.

Gods and pharaohs ruled ancient Egypt. Are any kings or queens treated the same as them today? With this information, we will find out.

This subtopic will talk about kings and gods of ancient Egypt, more specifically Anubis, King Tut, and Horus. Anubis was the god of embalming of the dead. King Tut has one of the most preserved tomb. Horus was a man with the head of a hawk.

Anubis was believed to watch over the dead. Anubis also watched over the process of mummifying people when they died. King Tut was believed to have a curse on anyone who went into his final resting place. He also had a lot of treasure and jewelry in his tomb. Horus fought another god named Seth for the throne. In his fight he lost an eye which was later restored. After this, he was claimed to be ruler of the world of the living.

King Tut is most like royal people today and treated like them as well because he was a king himself so he wasn’t treated like a god. Even though there is no curse that kings and queens have, they do however have lots of treasure like him. The other two gods didn’t compare at all to royal people today.

This information shows that some kings and gods were treated the same but many were not. This also shows that important people were treated different in past times.

As you can see, religion has changed a lot since ancient Egyptian times. This information is important because it could show how much religion has changed, what type of religion has changed, or if any religious beliefs have died or carried on to this day.

The festivals and ceremonies compared in this report were unlike celebrations today for the most part. Although one was pretty much the same as one we have today, the other two were not.

Daily life for ancient Egyptians was very unlike the way we live today too. One out of the three examples were shown to be the same.

Lastly, The report talked about kings and gods. Some may have been treated the same as royalty today but most weren't. Most were treated differently than kings and queens today.

After looking back at the information gathered in this report, it shows that much religion has changed over time and isn’t completely the same as now. In fact, only a little bit of religion has stayed the same.

The visual for this report will be a before and after book showing the change in religion. I chose this because I had various topics that we have today, but we might not do it the same as before. The book can show the changes.

This visual will be made first by typing it all out. Then, gluing pictures as a before and after. Lastly, all of these papers will be stapled together to make 1 book.

This visual relates to the project because my overall topic was comparing religion. This small book can show if the religion has changed over time.

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