Biography: Andrew Carnegie

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Andrew Carnegie is a Scottish-American Manufacturer and philanthropist. Andrew had moved to the United States of America when he was in his teens roughly 13. Carnegie worked in the telegraph office when he was 14 as a messenger. He was a private secretary and personal telegrapher for the superintendent of the railroad he worked at. Andrew then surpassed the superintendent and invested in The Woodruff Sleeping car company. Andrew had also started to invest in oil enterprises along with other railroad organizations.

As time went by Carnegie traveled a lot, he spoke with steelmakers, trying to figure out the best and most cost-effective way to produce it. Which later helped him make his company one of the best steel manufacturers. With his company in place, it would later help fuel the economy, and do all of his future work. He met with many famous people like Mark Twain who had composed The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Matthew Arnold who wrote Dover Beach and Culture and Anarchy. William Gladstone who had written Studies on Homer and the Homeric Age and The Vatican Decrees in their Bearing on Civil Allegiance. And finally, Theodore Roosevelt who also created Letters to his children and Hunting Trips of a Ranchman and The Wilderness Hunter. He loved a lot their works.

Carnegie was a good dude, but he wasn't always good. In the state of Pennsylvania, there is a town called Homestead. One day (July 12th) they went on strike because they were being told they were going to have really low earnings. Throughout this strike, a lot of stuff occurred. 7 Pinkertons and 9 workers on strike died on July 12th and many were severely injured. Then it was put into place for endless hours and cheap pay following the strike. Before the strike, the business was making millions of dollars. Carnegie didn't disguise his aim. He had put into place ten foot high fences with barbed wire around it. They wanted to provoke an outbreak. Not everyone begins as a good dude.

Carnegie after the strike had ceased and it wasn't a popular subject anymore. He traded his company for 200 million dollars, this was to the United States Steel Company. After Carnegie had done this, he decided to expand on his want of being a philanthropist. So he donated millions of dollars to foundations and charities. I feel like he did all of this because of the bad reputation he got for doing what he did. He was still known for it, yes but he wasn't off the hook. But the money did go to a lot of good things like public libraries and such. Which he did in supposedly IN THE NAME OF KNOWLEDGE(And a few other things like, him loving to read, wanting others to be able to better themselves, etc). Even though he was a douchebag sometimes or whatever.

Carnegie did become a philanthropist, so society saw him as generous after they forgot about his mishap years before, but Elon Musk (Elongated Muskrat) is one too. But I'm not saying that Elongated Muskrat is a bad man nor a good man. I'm just saying he's not Mother Teresa. And neither was Carnegie. So it's not practical to treat him as someone who was a martyr. All in all, he's just a dude who created a steel-mill himself, had some issues that most significant business owners have, sold his big wondrous business and then donated a lot of his money to hide his past. Basically, that's all that he was. But yes he did Build America so I'll give him that.z

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