Animals and Bill of Rights

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Is there a line between giving animals rights and giving them straight on citizenship? Is there a such a thing as too much of a good thing? Why is it now that we just decide to consider animal thoughts, what's changed? Take this into consideration, why would we even think of creating a bill of rights for animals, taking time to make something we won't even get to see the fruits of our labor for? Animals don't hold the capacity to feel or they won't be there to appreciate or even understand what this would mean. To take such drastic measures for such a non-impactful idea would not only be silly, but downright ridiculous.


        According to Julia Fronkosky's article on animal welfare, posted on the MSU's website she states, she claims that it has become a status quo now and that people just see them as food and entertainment. Although this may be true to some extent, most people love animals. That's just as bad as saying all men are abusive because the ones I have seen are abusive. There needs to be some substance there, most people want to help out, most people want to make a difference. Although, there is a point to be made, we've commercialized animals so much that to some extent, it's not fair to them and there does need to be some change, but to create a plain out bill of rights? That's a little excessive.


        To create an animal bill of rights would create so many issues. We need to worry about fixing our government, our judicial system, about so many other things before we can even think about creating something like that. If we were to have the passion we have about animal rights that we had about human rights, then this wouldn't even be an issue. A lot of cases that come from animal abuse aren't just from labs, but from homes as well. If we can get the idea in our heads that hey, maybe this goes deeper, than we could find another way to solve this.

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