Violence – Problem in our Society

What a breezy day! Olivia thought as she skipped along the sidewalk holding on to her father’s hand. Acknowledging his every move, she thought, Daddy is so handsome; I kind of look like him! As Oliva and her family finished up their afternoon walk around their neighborhood, talks about going to the movies got Oliva and her three siblings excited. Hurrying to get home, they noticed Sergio the neighbor had stormed out of his house yelling; in his hand, he carried a gun! Fear and panic filled Olivia’s little heart. Run, run, daddy let’s run home! were the last words Olivia said as Sergio fatally shot her and her handsome daddy. This unfortunate and dreadful story is as real as night and day. According to NBC News, Olivia Stoffel and her father were victims of a rage disorder.

Army veteran Sergio Valencia del Toro, after a fight with his girlfriend, shot a stranger and turned his gun on the Stoffels (NBC News). After extensive research on the shooter’s background history, police discovered that Sergio had an extensive history of psychiatric problems and suicide treats, a drinking problem and yet with his condition, he owned a .9mm semiautomatic pistol and eight more other guns at home, which he bought, because he had no criminal record. A gun at home makes homicide three times more likely, suicide up to five times as likely, and accidental death four times higher than a non-gun owning homes, according to Children’s Defense. As a constitutional right to own guns, when will the government draw the line, with gun owners who have a clean criminal record but have a mental illness? When will parent who own guns, learn that it is imperative to have full control of access where children cannot find them? Gun violence has become a developing problem in our society. We hear about mass shootings at schools, children killing children as an outrage of anger, and women being victims of domestic violence and murdered by their domestic partners. How do these individuals gain access to these weapons? As the law states that we do have the right to bear arms but does this law favor society as whole? Is owing a gun, because the second amendment states we can, mandatory? Guns should not be put in the wrong hands of the wrong individuals.

Guns need to be locked away in safes where only the owner can access it. New gun control laws need to be created to give our future generations an opportunity to live in a violence free world. But, why do people feel that they need to own a gun? According to the Gallup poll from 2005, protection is the main reason why people own guns. This is rather a very controversially point, granted there are many alternatives for a person to protect themselves. I am strong believer that families who have children should never own a gun, in fact, should seek alternative protective measures. As a parent, I have always questioned whether my home should be a place where a gun resides or are there alternatives for my family’s protection. After further research, I have come across alternatives that till this day are worth more to me than buying a gun. Placing our home under surveillance will not always guarantee protection, but according to the Ad council 3 out of 5 burglars will seek an alternative target if there is an alarm or home security system onsite, such as guard dogs. Although I favor gun control, if I have the opportunity to change the laws about families owning guns, I would incline to a gun free home.

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