Domestic Violence in Today’s Society

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Domestic violence is a concerning matter in today’s society. Imagine waking up in a home everyday where there is abuse, neglection, and so many other terrible situations.

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“Domestic Violence in Today’s Society”

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What about being afraid to go to sleep every night because of the uncertainty of what might happen?

Many lives and families have been affected by domestic violence. Children have been neglected and abused by parents and are suffering from the long-term effects. Stress, mental disorders, and so many more issues are being put on children today that could be completely avoided if parental rights were not put before a child’s protection. The rights of parents are being put over child protection, and the children are receiving unacceptable impacts because of the issue. Although many laws, lawyers, and judges fight for an advocate for children, parental rights should not come before child protection.

The statistics and rates of domestic violence have gone up tremendously. According to Gallagher, a proportion of all violent crimes are significantly high in the area of domestic violence. This author indicates that 16 percent of all accidents ever reported have been domestic violence, and 85 percent have been against just women alone (55). Also, the quality of the relationship between the parent and the child is affected by domestic violence. Children may experience affects such as anxiety or fear, and the cause of this is an insecure attachment bond between the mother and the child (56). Domestic violence has many different stages.

According to Ortiz, the different stages of domestic violence are physical abuse, sexual abuse and rape, emotional and psychological abuse, homicide, forced prostitution, and the list goes on (40-41). Women and children are being abused and mistreated daily. Individuals could take precautions such as avoiding the situation as best as possible, getting out of the home, reporting the incident to higher authorities. The numbers for domestic violence are continuously going up, but with the work of many individuals, the matter can be stopped.

The horrors of domestic violence do not stop with just physical abuse. Neglection is a leading factor that is very common with this issue as well. Buchanan et al. mentions that children are being neglected and pushed to the side because the mothers are too busy trying to protect rather than nurture (713). Children need the love and comfort from a mother. Buchanan et al. also points out that there is an attachment between a mother and a baby at the time of birth. The baby’s brain development is affected by this and so many other factors such as the child’s well being (713). Children also tend to form health disorders and are more prone to stress when living in environments where domestic violence is present. Buntson explains the terrors and damage domestic violence can do to a child:

The prevalence of violence within families is considered to be endemic at levels across the world. Relational trauma and exposure to toxic stress–in utero and perinatally–has been shown to have enduring and detrimental impacts across development within the early years, childhood, and beyond, significantly increasing the development of mental health disorders (1).

The facts are clear that children develop stress and disorders because of all the tension in the homes. Not only are the children being affected, but the mothers are being affected as well. Buchanan et al. exclaims that mothers from an experiment tell how they feel their children are not as supported as they should, isolated, and fear the children are not safe. Mothers also experience personal effects.

Following the birth of their babies, none of the women in the study received emotional or practical support from their partners (Buchanan et al. 717). Mothers need support from the spouse to be able to give the child everything needed. Domestic violence occurs in all countries. Domestic violence has been identified as occurring across all regions, ethnicities, cultures, ages, and economic statuses (Ghani 104). This quote provides evidence that domestic violence can affect anyone no matter the age, race, social status, culture, or ethnicity. Multiple types of abuse are portaken in on a daily basis.

The men are not the only individuals in the homes that participate in domestic violence. Fathers or males in the homes contribute the most in domestic violence, but mothers are also a large contributing factor. According to Zimmerman, 70 percent of the time women are the perpetrators of the situations (60). Men can be affected just like women can through domestic violence. Women can do just as much damage, if not more than a man can do. Zimmerman indicates that women are just as violent in intimate situations as any male would be (62).

Punishment and violence are two completely different subjects. Punishment can be taken extremely too far in some situations. The authority to discipline a child determined whether a violation of a child’s bodily integrity was a legal act of correction or a physical assault punishable under the Criminal Code (Elder 54-55). Both parents, mother and father, are contributors in domestic violence. Afifi et al. provides the information that many factors such as child maltreatment, sexual and physical abuse, and many others are associated with poor maltreatment and development of children (1). Many contributors to domestic violence are in the homes.

Many programs have been made to help assist children and mothers who are and have been affected by domestic violence. Children and mothers need all the support and comfort that can be given while facing times such as these. Zannettino and McLaren explain that most of the programs are based off of finding and addressing safety for children. Not only that, but some programs help solely with developmental needs. Programs are a tremendous help to those affected by domestic violence (421).

These authors also point out the differences in child protection and domestic violence sectors. The only difference between government programs and sectors is that children or mothers are not as well served by the sectors such as women’s domestic violence services or child protection authorities (421). Two different types of programs are available today for children and mothers seeking help from domestic violence. Although many programs try to help regulate domestic violence, the efforts are not where they are needed.

Many individuals are opposed to the the term domestic violence. Many lives have been terribly affected by this matter. However, some individuals believe otherwise. Some are led to believe that different cultures and areas have an affect on domestic violence. According to Little, one main feature is the influences of tradition. Many cultures carry out the tradition of masculinity. The superior forms of masculinity are partaken in within many areas and cultures (480). Males in other countries or other cultures tend to practice what feels natural, and in this case it is domestic violence (485). Domestic violence tends to be a part of an individual’s life for so long, and the individual knows nothing but this. Tradition is sometimes hard to break; however, it is not right to use that as a crutch. Domestic violence is crucial thing to face. Individuals should not have to go through or deal with this matter.

Domestic violence is a very common issue in today’s time. Children and women are waking up in homes every morning uncertain of what the day will bring. Violence is accepted in many forms and places. Domestic violence causes controversy between families and many disorders and other trying factors for children and mothers.

Children are being neglected, beaten, forgotten, and pushed to the side because there is no help for them. Mothers are not giving children the love and support that is needed. Parent’s are taking punishment way over the limit. Domestic violence is something children or mothers are facing more and more as society moves on. Even though many laws, lawyers, and other superiors fight for children on a daily basis, parental rights should not come before the protection of a child.

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