Uses of the Internet – 2

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Over time mankind began to industrialize. Industrialization began with big ideas and major changes in manufacturing, but as time went on, it resulted in new technology as well. The computer was one form of technology invented in 1936. However, even the computer has changed over the years. New programs and pieces for the computer are being invented all the time. One such invention is the Internet. There are many uses of the Internet today. Some uses include:

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“Uses of the Internet – 2”

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  • Research
  • Educational Purposes
  • Shopping
  • Communication


Research is a “diligent…investigation into a [specific] subject” (“Research”). People use the Internet for many different types of research. The most common types of research are:

  • Educational Research
  • Job Research
  • Political Research

Educational Research. Many students use the Internet as a way to find information for many different types of school projects. All of the different search engines help to find research on almost any topic. The one downside to the Internet is it is sometimes hard to find a trustworthy site. Therefore, when looking for information it is always a good idea to make sure the sites have true information. The easiest way to do this would be to look for sites ending in .gov or .edu instead of websites ending in .com, .org, or .net. Job Research. People also use the Internet for job research. For example, certain jobs require employees to find different types of information, which would be much harder to do without the Internet. The Internet is also helpful when searching for employment. There are many websites that list many different types of jobs looking for people to hire. They also list items required to be able to apply for a specific job. These are just a few ways Internet helps us with job research today. Political Research. The Internet is also a great help when it comes to political research. Computers and Internet make research for political purposes a million times easier. All the information you need to know about any political views or events are now at the click of a button. And the best part is. you can find political information on the current events, but also on events from the past.


Educational purposes of the Internet can include anything from online classes to just using a dictionary site to make things go faster. Online Classes. Millions of people use the Internet to take online courses everyday. There are online classes for almost any subject at almost any level. So no matter what the class you need is, the Internet is one efficient way to get it done. Pictures. The Internet is also a good source of pictures. People can use these pictures for many different purposes. Student use Internet pictures for lots of different project types. The Internet makes it easy to find most of the pictures you need. Dictionary. Online dictionaries are a daily use of the Internet. Not only do online dictionaries make the search easier, but they also make it faster. Instead of searching through hundreds of pages to find one word, you can easily type in the word you need and it will bring up the definitions for that word. Some sites even take it one step further by having different sections that will say:

  • Science Dictionary
  • History Dictionary
  • Cultural Dictionary
  • Ect.

Thus making it easier to find the correct definition of the words.


Shopping is one main way we use the Internet today. Of course, shopping online has its disadvantages as well as its advantages. For example, it is an easy way to shop for things without even leaving the comfort of your home; however, when shopping for things such as shoes or clothes, it is possible they will not fit. People who live far away. Using the Internet for shopping can help many people. For example, I live in a town that is ninety miles away from a store other than a small Safeway. It is sometimes hard to get items you need fast. The Internet is one solution to that problem. People with illness. Some people have certain illnesses that prohibit them from leaving their homes. So shopping on the Internet is a necessity. They can use it for more than just clothes and shoes. Situations like this are when the Internet becomes necessary to get food as well. Convenience. Many people who don’t have illnesses and don’t live in rural towns still use the Internet for shopping. In circumstances like this the Internet isn’t a necessity, but merely a convenience.


The Internet is also commonly used for things like communication. For example, people can e-mail any other person throughout the world that has an e-mail set up. This is just one way the Internet helps communication. E-mail. Like I previously mentioned the Internet helps people communicate with each other through means such as e-mail. E-mail is quicker and sometimes more efficient than writing a letter. E-mail is an instantaneous way of communication. It is also not limited when it comes to distance. With just a click of a button, you can easily send e-mail to someone not only across the country, but in other countries as well. Worldwide current events. The Internet also helps us keep up-to-date with all the events happening around the world. From politics, to murders, to lottery winners the Internet can inform you on any incident going on nowadays as well as events from the past. With the use of the Internet, you should never be behind on the current events in the world.


As you can see, humans have come a long way from old-fashioned typewriters to the computers with Internet. But even the Internet is just one minor aspect of what computers can do today. Use the Internet as one source to unraveling all the secrets of computers today.

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