Internet Privacy: a Growing Concern

The expanding issue which I believe people all around the globe should be more aware of is internet privacy. A user’s convenience of being able to use the internet comes with a critical responsibility of concealing their personal information online as best as possible. Online privacy is a primary human right and without it, all activities on the web are liable to be handled and scrutinized by committed corporations. Advertisers are tracking all of a user’s movements as they browse through several platforms on the web. Techniques such as cookie profiling are used to trace and formulate specific biographies on internet habits. Even though these unethical practices don’t deter some, there are still many who keep matters of internet privacy at the top of their priority list as I suppose they should.

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“Internet Privacy: a Growing Concern”

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Internet privacy, also known as online privacy, is a growing concern in the world we dwell today. Users of the internet are entitled to personal privacy when it comes to the information they store on various web software of their devices, yet it’s becoming increasingly challenging to manage private assets online. With such a considerable amount of people using the internet for their needs, users should be educated on the basic rules of safety regarding their digital footprint. According to Javelin Strategy, 17 million Americans have been affected by identity theft in 2017. Criminals on the web use malware and phishing procedures to hack into a multitude of online accounts to steal whatever information they can, and this is something that violates a crucial right of a user’s privacy on the internet. Even though the online universe provides people with a great selection of panels in which they are allowed to roam across the web in the comfort of their privacy, there are both positive and negative sides to this debate. The world has evolved in more ways than one, and the same goes for the internet.

As the times change day by day, it’s best to always be updated, especially regarding something as sensitive as the nature of internet privacy. It isn’t touched upon as much as it should be in schools throughout the nation and the lack of knowledge upon this topic within the children of this generation makes for quite a large amount of future predicaments simply waiting to unfold. If people aren’t instructed about internet privacy and topics of the sort, they won’t be fully prepared to take on all the hazards on online platforms they utilize most. Only with proper knowledge can situations such as identity theft be avoided. The internet privacy which users are provided with certainly helps in various ways. One method is how it may present protection to younger users. Cybercriminals lose the ability to take advantage of easy targets online with strengthened levels of internet privacy. Being warned by browsers of the credibility status regarding particular web pages or false advertisements which begin dragging users down into misleading depths let people have a quick glimpse into just how dangerous the online world can turn out to be. Severe measures may be taken if anything gets out of hand over the internet, which is why online privacy allows web users to make their own decisions of personal information while assisting in the removal of viruses and fraudulent declarations along the way. Another possible positive aspect that online privacy offers may be how the internet keeps data safe enough for people to gain self-confidence through the actions they take and the statements they make online. Users of the web feel safer sharing comments behind an anonymous icon and username than they are in their own skin in the real world.

This does help in building esteem in one way, but this also has a negative impact on many. Instead of using internet privacy as a positive outlet, many also hide behind anonymity just to post abusive and hateful commentary wherever they see public remarks are allowed. This creates the ability to harm others which is unjust. On the other hand, internet privacy also promotes innovation as it’s a blank and equal canvas for all. Without the privacy given to users online, ideas would be stolen far too often from each other and projects with potential would almost be nothing more than a waste of time when found in the wrong hands. Internet privacy also lets everyone have a chance to seek their own voices instead of letting them be waltzed around like marionettes. With top companies running the news sources in America, those businesses have the power to inform citizens of only snippets of a story instead of parts they choose to cut out to benefit themselves or corporate partners. Internet privacy can change this and, with the help of given anonymity, it encourages the freedom of the press so independent presses can cover events in alternative ways for users to get full details instead of lacking the knowledge they desire. Although people don’t seem to acknowledge the fact that their business online is being traced and stored throughout every day, it appears that their concern regarding this delicate issue only grows once they become a victim. The freedom that has been given to users online should be dealt with responsibly and maturely before they make a mistake concerning their privacy online and it comes back to mess up their entire lives. This is why even if internet privacy doesn’t get touched upon much in the educational system, it should be explored very widely once lessons regarding the topic are taught to children. If they start losing interest in these matters, their online lives may just take sharp turns straight down to paths of online wreckage and havoc. It’s true that companies online may take advantage of weak consumers with faulty connections that aren’t entirely secure, but some steps can be taken to have online privacy be protected.

For example, if someone is wary of what companies use their data to their benefit, they can merely use safe browser extensions to give control over whether or not the sites they visit collect information about them and send them to other related companies or not. The information of users is precious, and they should understand that once they post something on the internet, the options they have to get that post deleted are minimal. Safety is a top priority when it comes to internet privacy, and not only should children start being educated on this, but people of all ages as well. People should learn how to protect themselves online, especially when almost everything and everyone can be found on the internet with just a few clicks and keywords. It may be argued that internet privacy is harmful because not only does it give everyone the freedom to post whatever they’d like about another being, whether the post is positive or negative, but having such privacy online also allows many to slip into roles that are not, by any means, theirs. It’s too easy to assume the identity of someone else on the web due to how private profiles may be, which makes identity theft strikingly easy as well.

However, there are always measures to be taken for whenever hate comments get uploaded or someone strange attempts to start a conversation. There are always risks to activities online, but protection is available from making sure to use only reputable websites to using strong and complicated passwords. Other steps that can be taken to protect personal information is clearing browser history and cache regularly to make sure that the browser is clear, avoiding shopping on unsafe sites, and avoiding to expose personal data on sites with low levels of security.

Overall, although internet privacy appears to be a tricky subject with many different topics ranging from security hazards to identity thefts, I firmly believe that whatever privacy we are given on the web should rightfully be treated with respect, and companies should be stopped from making money off the information and data of users that visit their site, links, and advertisements. Even though privacy online is almost rare to find due to how transparent the government is with the personal information of internet users, steps should still be taken to protect whatever is left to be guarded. Anonymity is almost non-exist in the online world, but internet users may protect their privacy through very measured exposure of information. To keep themselves safe on the web, people must be careful with what they submit and view. When acquiring merchandise or filling out forms, bits of data start being tracked and, because the person may not have protected their information, companies begin sending those users spam and advertising on products similar to their purchases.

Overall, internet privacy is an integral part of web users’ everyday lives. Safety and personal security must remain a priority, especially with all the new hacking techniques starting to be used by cybercriminals. If people don’t begin taking care of what they post online, they might just find themselves in situations they never even thought they’d be in

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