Impact of Internet on our Intelligence

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In this written article titled Is Google Making Us Stupid the author Nicholas Carr states how the technology has impacted the lives of many humans making us to become lazy. It is so much easier to jump on google and find what you need. Nicholas Carr has really based his finding by the view of himself and the way it affected him. He once enjoyed reading all types of articles for a long period of time before, he was introduced to the google allowing his thoughts to get caught up in the way the author was thinking. He stated within the years his brain has changed. He stated from his experiments he is finding that people do not want to read books because their focus is not there and their concentration has become very short to stay on tasks. People prefer to stay in comfort of their homes and complete work. I see Nicholas Carr point of view on how the use of searching online has changed the nature of ones brain when browsing. He gathered his finding data, pointing to his own experience and that of friends and acquaintances. He stated their difficulties with reading blogs, passages and even long books for several paragraphs. Didnt come across anything that Nicholas Carr refers to legitimate studies that go beyond a small group of people, all of which may have similar levels of education, career, family etc. Nicholas Carr compares the human brain to be like plastic. The nerves cells in the brain are the building blocks of the brain and nervous system and plasticity refers to the brain's malleability. The brain plasticity is the ability of the brain to modify its connections or rewire itself. Without this ability the human brain would not be able to develop from infancy through to adulthood or recover from any brain injury that may accrue. Google was found in 1998. Before that time people would be proud of their own self-work and had the confidence to write. Now it is being used from all ages from elementary to college and even professional jobs. Nicholas Carr reminds us that people no longer must remember passages and facts because we have google planted in our back pockets. I believe that Google has enabled us as individuals to spend a lot more time in the creative process than in performing and reviewing aspects of research. Google has made it so easy for everyone around the world. With one click of a button, you can have access to anything you wish in most cases. Google has made it to where the use of going to the library is very rare because you can access the information from your home. Yes, I agree google has helped save time by not having to search for answers in hundreds or thousands of pages in newspapers and books. Carr reminds us all that todays technology has impacted our social and cultural behavior. Once personal computers and the Internet were introduced with online services like Google and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social sites users had immediate communications and the ability to spend their time to socialize. Today there are cell phones, I-pads, Kindles, and printers that can receive wireless Internet service. The human brain has adapted by learning how to incorporate cyberspace into our daily life and people continue to create and improve technology. For an example when AT&T went down in the Dallas area some business where lost because they relayed on technology to run their business and somewhere, able to stay afloat by having a back up plan such a land line to help and setting up promise to pay with regular paying customers. I think Google has not make us stupid as Carr suggests in his article. It has made us lazier, because we do less reading, going to the library and being physical active. Information found on websites helps people become smarter and able to learn subjects easier in school. In the end, Carr never really provides scientific evidence that shows the brains circuitry having changed. In my opinion, the Internet has enhanced our abilities and increased our processing speeds for acquiring knowledge making the human brain more efficient in multitasking. The younger generation who are growing up with this new technology will expand even more in the future.
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