Benefits and Harmful Effect of the Internet

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Technology can be said to be called a science just depends on your way of thinking. Technology is more than a hardware or some silicon chip. Technology is a propelling change and that can mess with our belief systems and culture.Technology has joined tradition, religion, and family in the ways that it can change people’s way of thinking . But technology is a social amplifier. It stretches the volume, rang, and speed of communications. It inflates the desires for a consumer. It is a concentrate of wealth and power, and to increase a great difference of the rich and poor.

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“Benefits and Harmful Effect of the Internet”

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In the competition for little resources it can cause conflicts. The abuses and uses technology has on Americans today can make Americans to dependent on technology. In today’s times, the fast development and research is so impressive, that it is easy to think about the advantages of technology gives the people in America and around the world. Some people think that technology can destroy mankind. I’m kinda agree with them, this is because I believe that modern technology is destroying the values of our American society in some kind of way. Computers, telephones and the internet are examples of the modern technology. Which are used worldwide nowadays, and they affect our manners badly, it’s not because they are useless, but because we used to get negative things out of everything around us. Technology in America is a very overused source.

In the United States today there is like 81 percent of Americans that have a social media profile there is a 5 percent growth compared to last year. The estimates show that in 2019, researchers predict that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the world. There was about 2.46 billion in 2017. The social network is making its way around the world. In 2017, 71 percent of internet users were social network users and these numbers are still expected to grow. The usage of technology is taking up Americans whole day. Young adults are on their smartphones twice as much as they think that they are. A study was found that young people use their phones on an average of five hours a day that’s is about half of their total waking hours a day.

People are spending more than half of their days using media like online websites and other things that involve social media that it is nearly nine hours on average, according to a study from the family technology education non-profit group, Common Sense Media. Other than smartphones another thing that is starting to get popular is tablets and computers. They have become highly more common in a very short period of time. Researchers started to began keeping up with people owning tablets and computers in 2010, it was only about 3 percent of Americans owned some kind of a tablet or computer.

That numbers now has risen to 51 percent since November 2016. In a surveys researchers suggest that more than 8 in 10 Americans are attached to their technology on a regular day 86 percent say that are constantly checking their texts and social media accounts. If people were to use the Internet just for entertainment and information, People wouldn’t need to use a phone or a tablet they would only use a television. Besides that researchers has shown that interpersonal communication is the main use of the Internet at home. That people use the Internet mainly for interpersonal communication.

But this does not imply that their social interactions and relationships on the Internet are the same as their traditional social interactions and relationships, or that their social uses of the Internet will have affected their traditional social means of communication After the invention of smartphones and social media profiles a different profile is emerging that is called the “constant checker.” as some people call it. The constant checker are people who constantly check their emails, texts or social media accounts which is like 43 percent of Americans. This need for devices and the constant use of technology is associated with higher stress levels for these Americans.

Generally, nearly one-fifth of Americans identify the use of technology as a somewhat a source of stress. Americans say technology can causes the most stress when it doesn’t work the right way. The last few years in the society have seen incredible changes technologically and culturally. Peoples life has become increasingly easier as machines designed to improve living standards. Communications and travel capabilities have advanced, with long distance phone calls will soon to be a thing of the past. Computers have brought so much information home that many students do all their research from the comfort of their computers. Socially the changes have been just as great, though perhaps not always for the better. Children have bullied one another on school grounds.

Overall, people are feeling less connected to one another than before with the new technology that is coming out. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages of technology and having internet connection. The most common thing the Internet is used for is research. Students are among the top people who use the Internet for research. It is most likely that students use the Internet for research. Most teachers give assignments that need research from the Internet. In the classroom teachers use the internet to teach their lesson for the day. The internet has become one of the biggest sources for research.

Almost everyday, research on medical issues becomes easier to locate. Web sites have become available for people to research diseases and talk to doctors online at sites. Another popular thing to do on the Internet is to check the daily news reports. Almost all local news can be seen through the Internet. Using the Internet to get the weather and allows people to view weather all over the world. Live fed back all over the country and local forecast. Shopping online has also become a huge success and is considered a great advantage of the Internet. No matter what you are shopping for it usually can be found on the Internet. People do not even have to leave their homes most of the time. Most big companies have millions of dollars using the Internet for selling.

Clothing is probably one of the most bought items that people buy online. Almost every major clothing store has its on Web site that people can get on by just typing in the stores name. The internet and technology people use today is very helpful to their everyday needs. Despite all of these advantages of the Internet, there are a lot of disadvantages. Many people fear the Internet because of its disadvantages. They claim to not use the Internet because they are afraid of the possible consequences or are not interested in the use of the internet. People who have yet connected to the Internet claim they were not missing out on anything. Today technological society must realize, it is up to them to protect themselves on the Internet.

Children using the Internet have become a very big concern. When kids are online, they can easily be lured into something dangerous. When children talk to others online, they do not realize they could actually be talking to a harmful person there is a lot of harmful thing on the internet. Today society is in the middle of a technological boom. People can either choose to take advantage of this, or simply let it pass them by. The Internet is a very powerful tool. It has many advantages but people also need to be aware of the disadvantages as well. People on the Internet participate in a cool and unique technological culture. Like all other cultures, the Internet culture has its own meaning, standards and expectations for people. There is a number of resources exist to help people who are new to the Internet and technology world just don’t get too attached to it. 

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