A Problem of Internet Privacy

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The world is evolving each day, thanks to technology. The same technology has made things easier especially communication. Through the internet, communication has been made easier breaking down the barrier of time and distance. That said, technology has become an addition to some people. In fact, the internet has become on the most used and persistent tool of technology to most people especially the current generation and it is used on daily basis regardless of time or occupation (Earp and Young 27). While surfing the internet, most if not all people, use personal information, especially when registering into the social media accounts. Most believe that the information is private and that they are the only people that can access them. On the contrary, internet works like a store of information which may end up being accessed by other people. While the internet has brought enormous advantages to the world, privacy and security of personal information have become the elephant in the room (Earp and Young 27). While ongoing debates indicate that online privacy has been infringed, a closer look shows that privacy has only been changed but has not been killed. The utilization of technology has gradually turned into a need instead of an alternative living, so many people have become addicted. Technology on its part is making noteworthy automation of work in this way reducing the number of people and time required to perform a given task. While the internet and technology have brought significant excitement in the society, some individuals believe that internet is only beneficial to the current generation and era. However, taking a closer look at the internet users, it is clear that all people regardless of age and occupation are using the internet. As much as the internet has enhanced communication among various people, there is an equal concern on the privacy particularly on the shared information online whether willingly or instinctively (Solove 4). One area that has significantly grown on the sector of technology is social media. The so-hyped social media has made people believe that privacy no longer exists and that it has become unattainable and irrelevant. Most people also believe that there is nothing much that can be done to achieve privacy because most of the private information posted online is done consciously and that it is available to many people to view it. Furthermore, there are many occasions where information that is fed online is retained online or shared by a third party which raises the concern of privacy (Kaufman 73). Truth be told is that sharing information has immensely increased recently but people still care about privacy contrary to the perception that privacy has been killed by the internet. The web is for sure one region in which enlightening security and assurance of individual data have turned out to be critical. While a great number of the users need to share of the contributions of the web and similarly take an interest in a standout amongst the most basic circles, protection has then centered more towards either data shared on the web or that produced from the web. Most recent patterns in the utilization of web-based life have begun indicating the way that a greater part of people are similarly winding up more mindful of the privacy of the data accessible in the online stages as web utilize increments (Kaufman 73). Clearly, privacy has changed relying upon the evolving conditions, with more concerns being a person's control of their information. To a degree, those rooting for privacy say that data shared on the web assumes a huge role in endangering of individual well-being, a worry that is without a doubt veritable, in light of the fact that such data, particularly those on online social networks is liable to social engineered attacks (Feno 21). The issue of privacy has similarly been in discussion with security with contentions endeavoring to make a legitimization of which is better than the other. The real concern has been on the 'nothing to hide' contention. In spite of the present security forces getting to be experts despite everything, they try to exchange the component protection for security, particularly when security stretches out past a person to incorporate other individuals as on account of a national security paying little respect to the component of ideal to personal privacy (Kaufman 73). With the patterns at present being experienced, parents of the present adolescents are progressively turning into a stressed parcel concerning the management of their youngsters' online attendance. From the past research about security concerns on the web, the discoveries uncovered that just 9% of the youngsters get worried about third-party access to their information on Facebook, while up to 80% of the guardians had worries about such access. (Kaufman 73).There is to be sure a convergence of online data sharing among the youngsters through online social media in recent years than before with much thought of the privacy and security concerns. In spite of such discoveries, there still exists some little confidence for the guardians to hold tight as the youngsters similarly have particular methods for remaining cautious while on the web. The adolescents were found to have had the most astounding number of unfriending and obstructing of different clients as a method for constraining them from offering data to the unintended group of the audience while on the web. One angle that is gradually getting to be known to many about online privacy and security is that it is step by step turning into a collective marvel than individual-based as many have contemplated it. Particular security issues are never tended to by the basic proportion of changing client settings. Online privacy has developed from the data people disclose about themselves to what others additionally say or uncover in regards to each other (Feno 21). One evident thing is that online security will keep changing as day's advance, most particularly with the production of new advances, developing of the effectively existing ones and a further development of client observation about protection (Kaufman 75). With such a methodology, it is apparent that while basic elements about security are constantly rising and transforming, it stays alive just that change is colossal. In conclusion, it has been observed by many that individuals are sharing information online today more than ever. This has increased concerns and worry about security and privacy of such information. Many say that privacy has become difficult to control and attain. However, research indicates that people are more concerned today about privacy than some years ago. People have become cautious about what they share online and what people say about them. This is an indication that privacy has not been killed but it the internet has changed the meaning and impacts of privacy.
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