Can we Live Without Internet?

The internet is a global network that provides individuals with the opportunity to perform a variety of different actions. The internet connects people across the globe, forms new relationships and exchanges ideas that would not have occurred prior to it’s existence.

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“Can we Live Without Internet?”

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One of the most unique abilities the internet provides individuals with is the ability to connect with people from all over the globe. The internet is a way we can connect through relationships, problems, interests and viewpoints. In earlier times, the world connected through writing letters or talking on the phone. Communicating in these ways took time and became somewhat difficult. The internet is a huge contribution into the development of communication technologies. The internet has decreased the cost and increased the speed of the information we transfer. There is even ways we can virtually talk to people from across the globe with internet features such as face time or email and messaging. The features technology has brought society has made many things possible that never existed in early times.

The internet has helped save many people lives in many different ways and it has got to a point where lives could depend on it. For example, there was an article written by Torricke -Barton on October 14, 2015. The article tells a story about how a Syrian refugee was photographed selling pens on the streets of Beirut. Abdul Halim Attar (A man who went missing) had appeared in heart breaking images posted online. A journalist known as Gissur Simonarson asked the internet to help find this man and started a hashtag called #buypens. In less than 24 hours the man was located by people who recognized him. Over 1,717,000 people from all over the world donated to Abdul and his family. In this situation, the internet united the world and changed their lives forever. The story of Abdul is not the only story that showed how the internet changed someone’s life, there are many more like for example, William Lambers wrote about how the internet saves our lives as well. He mentioned about how after the earthquake in Nepal, WFP quickly sent a team of technical experts to restore internet communications, also known as ETC. The internet ability this team has allowed has helped earthquake victims. This upgraded communication helped feed millions of people. Samaritan’s Purse, one of the charities operating in Nepal, says the Internet is their lifeline.

A lot of people do not realize how vast the internet really is. As of June 2018, there are 55.1% people from across the globe have access to the internet. As of right now the internet is the largest community in history. Even the tools and knowledge of one nation now belong to all nations. Now a days you can find out just about anything about anywhere in the world. Before the internet, if you wanted to keep up with what was going on in the world, you had to walk to the nearest news stand and purchase a local reporting on what had happened the previous day. Today, news sources from all over the globe are available anywhere online.

The internet is and will continue to expand, and could create new jobs, help educate people and decrease poverty. Consumers are now making 10% of their retail purchases online. The number of indirect jobs supported by the internet related activities could possibly raise the total number of jobs by 1.54 million. The internet has made an impact on businesses. The internet has made it possible for businesses to be performed across the globe through a computer. It has made it a good platform for people to promote their goods and services.

The internet and social media provide young adults with a range of benefits and opportunities to empower and grow themselves in different ways. It gives them a way to be creative, helps them to gain access to a supportive community for all sorts of situations, and can improve their learning. Many Universities have transitioned to online courses, I pads and other technology sources have joined the classrooms to help kids with learning, and computers are standard equipment in classrooms. Learning can even be done at home for those who can not attend school for different reasons. Online learning has even made it possible to earn different degrees a lot quicker because the internet can keep up with an individual’s learning pace. By connecting and empowering students and teachers, we can speed up economic growth and improve the well being of our society. Today, you can use to internet to access libraries, encyclopedias, news sources and other information from just about anywhere in the world. The internet has made a huge impact on learning and it will to continue to do so as time progresses.

The social interactions and communities that young people form online can help to boost confidence as well as social skills. A literature review published by the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre found that social networking services actually play a huge role in young people’s lives. Children who understand emotional signs in a social setting can form better quality social skills. Although the internet is helpful for the youth, it has also been a great source for the aged in our society. With the help of the internet, seniors can get access to all different types of information without stepping foot out of their home. They can even socialize and connect to people close to them through the internet.

While the internet is great for improving social skills, it is also an efficient tool for relationships. It can be helpful for couples who are having trust issues in their relationships. For example, it gives them a constant flow of communication which can be a very helpful thing for long distance relationships. That being said, the internet is a good platform for forming new relationships. What is unique about the internet is that it allows individuals to find others who share the same interests. Dating websites offer numerous types of personality testing and match making that can help guide individuals towards the right partner. If it were not for safe dating websites, some people would not be married to the person their with now.

Although the internet is a plus for relationship forming, it is also a great way to form new friendships. It gives us a way to become friends with people from all over the world while learning about other cultures and lifestyles. We can learn more about each other quicker using the internet because people are typically more comfortable to share and express their opinions and information about themselves online. A quick scroll through social media can also give you an idea of how personal life events are growing in different people’s lives. The internet gives people an opportunity to participate in other’s lives, such as commenting on other individual’s pictures and keeping up with what is going on in other’s lives.

The internet has changed the way people travel. People are traveling more and more as time progresses. According to a report by World Tourism Organization, it is estimated that by 2030 a global population of 8.5 billion people will take approximately 2 billion international trips. As our world travels faster, we are fortunate to have improved technology that provides individuals with helpful tools and apps that let people do it more frequently. The internet has made it possible to schedule and purchase flights, book reservations for a hotel stay, and plan tours and rent transportation online. Online, individuals can find out more about their destination, like where it is located and the best places to eat. This makes traveling easier, safer and more efficient.

The internet has turned existence upside down. The internet is the way the world prefers to communicate in this moment in time. Society uses the internet to share ideas and everyday life decisions with others, buy and order products and goods, make businesses and create new jobs and even find out information we would not know prior to its existence.  

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