The Internet is the most Wonderful Thing for our Life – to what Extent do you Agree or Disagree with this Statement?

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No one can deny the fact that the Internet is the most important invention ever. More and more people are gaining the ability to access the Internet by a home computer and a modem. It also plays a strong role in business, education, and entertainment. Some even said that the Internet is making the world smaller as it brings people together. But have you ever wondered whether the Internet can be the most wonderful thing of our life or not? The main advantage of the Internet is that communication is made very easy.

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“The Internet is the most Wonderful Thing for our Life – to what Extent do you Agree or Disagree with this Statement?”

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Two people on opposite sides of the world can communicate with each other via such things as video conferences or online chat. There are many “chat rooms” on the web that can be accessed to meet new people, make new friends or stay in touch with your old friends and families. This would save money as none of us has to take flights to other countries or make long phone calls. But the most popular good point about the Internet is that it provides e-mail. By a touch of a button, you can send and receive instant electronic emails.

This definitely has its advantages over postal mail since it’s totally free and the senders can save a lot of time. We can also send our letters or invitations to multiple recipients instead of writing them for hundreds of times. Moreover, the Internet is a virtual treasure which provides us with unlimited source of information. You can find anything that is in your interest simply by logging on to Internet search pages like Google or VinaSeek. Students can also study English as well as other subjects online, which is quite effective and economical.

On the Internet, there are also many online stores that can be used to look for products as well as buy them using your credit card. This makes life very easy for disabled people or people with busy lives who have no time to go shopping. Moreover, many good software, great music, movies can be downloaded for free. However, for every plus there is a minus. The Internet does hold a lot of information but not all of them should be viewed publicly. What would happen if someone’s full name, occupation, address could easily be tracked down by another.

Furthermore, the Internet provides access not only to huge databases of information, useful software… but also to some sites of sexual programs, violent videos… Parents can’t always be there when their children get access to the Internet. Besides, most parents are not as computer-literate as their children. Another thing that annoys us everyday is spam emails. Some of them are used for advertisement but others serve no purpose. Hackers can send electronic viruses which usually clog up the entire system or crash the Internet. In conclusion, the Internet is only useful when you know to use it properly and for good purposes.

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