The Dagger of the Famous Play Macbeth is a Story Within a Story

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 The famous “dagger” represents so much more than just a weapon used to kill. It symbolizes the bloody path Macbeth will go down. Macbeth was always well known for being a brave and successful warrior. Stories were told by the Captain that Macbeth fought through Macdonwald soldiers all by his lonesome and eventually killed off Madcondwal himself. Needless to say, Macbeth is well determined and shows this trait very well throughout the story.

Macbeth started off as a noble warrior but would soon turn into a rogue. This all begins because of a trio of witches who give Macbeth an apparition. In Act 2two MacbethMacBeth is finally committed to killing King Duncan. This is a crucial point for the symbolization of the dagger, as well as for Macbeth himself. This is the start of Macbeth's bloody path to the throw.

Though Macbeth's guilty conscience will become his undoing. With Duncan now dead and gone, Macbeth will soon be able to take power, but only if he isn't caught for the murder of the former leader. In Act 3three of Macbeth's journey, he begins to feel nervous and guilty. This as well as other stuff makes Macbeth feel as though he must kill Banquo and Fleance. This causes Macbeth to send out murderers to kill Banquo and Fleance before they can do anything or figure out anything.

Though Fleance is able to escape in the darkness of the night, Banquo sadly fell at the hands of his attackers. Now that Banquo is down and out, Fleance seeks to get his revenge once again continuing on the bloody cycle Macbeth started with his power. In Act 4four the guilt truly begins to catch up with Macbeth, and you can tell his downfall is coming. Macbeth begins to hallucinate at the witch's meeting place all he can see is the dagger before he killed Duncan.

This soon becomes a living nightmare for MacbethMacBeth as he realizes he has truly done wrong. This guilt has begun to build inside Macbeth Macbeth and stab at his conscience. This ultimately leads to his untimely death in battle. In Act 5, Macbeth is finally killed in a battle with Macduff. Though Macbeth knew he was doomed he truly believed he couldn’t be killed and chose to continue the fight. This happened all the way up until the very end where Macduff beheadsbeheaded Macbeth. This is the last symbol of the dagger as well. It symbolizes the end just like it symbolized the beginning. In conclusion, the daggers story was one that usually can go unnoticed. It's a story of chaos and traumatic stress. Though it doesn’t just show those things. The dagger shows growth as well some good and some bad, but everyone who came in contact with it changed not only for the worst but even some for the best.

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