The World of Technology

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 Individuals believe technology, such as social media, smartphones and the internet, is making our world feel smaller and less connected with each other. Although the positive and negative effects of this growing technology is still not entirely understood by everyone. The advancements technology can bring may change the world around us for future generations such as in medicine or in national security. I have an aunt who moved to Florida a couple years ago and because of her work she is not able to vacation to New York as much as she pleases. Therefore, technology is important because with it I can Skype her or FaceTime her whenever we have a special event going on, so she and my uncle would be apart of it. I am originally from El Paso, Texas so I still have family that lives there, and video chatting and phone calls mean the world to us. Besides Skype and FaceTime, there are a variety of other apps that were developed to make communication easier such as Snapchat, Party House, Discord and OoVoo.

As important as keeping in touch with family is, individuals could fill job applications out online and that truly benefited me a lot. When I first turned 16, I did not own a car, so it was hard to go job hunting but now every career has an application online and I even got my first job that year.  There are even opportunities to obtain a degree with online education for those who have a family and don’t have the time to go out to a college. If there is even a question or word I don’t know I can immediately go to and look it up rather than looking through a dictionary. Right now, I am taking a Spanish class, and I know if it weren’t for translation apps I would be completely lost. They help me pronounce and understand my work better when I’m alone at home rather than in school with my professor. Speaking of help, technology gives us emergency services wherever we go in the world. Now we can even text 911 in some places instead of calling if there is a dangerous emergency going on and it’s not safe to talk on the phone. 

Social media even allows us to constantly communicate with people all over the country and the globe. For some individuals, social media is an outlet for those who have a hard time communicating in public for reasons such as social anxiety or developmental reasons. Technology has even made an impact in the medical field, bringing us new devices to further expand our doctor’s ability to help us, such as the MRI machine and heart monitors. Technology just brings so much convenience to our everyday lives if we really think about it. We can check the weather, emails, breaking news and do so much more with a smartphone in our hand. Nowadays, people don’t even need physical debit or credit cards or to go to the bank because our phones can be our new wallet and carry cards with us electronically. With the use of smartphones, there are opportunities to download bank's mobile app to make checking your account, or paying bills easier.

Although there are great bonuses to this type of technology, there is also great risks as well. Such as getting bank apps hacked or getting your phone stolen with all the information ready to be accessed. I do agree these risk are crucial but there are security measures put in place to prevent this information from getting out. Some bank apps even allow the use of an eye scan or a fingerprint in order to view bank accounts and make any payments or changes. From personal experience, this is what Keybank does with their mobile app to provide the best security.

Meanwhile, your banking app is not the only thing your fingerprint can do. Technology can even bring security to our homes and businesses in a click of a button. Now we can set up cameras around or in our houses and be able to see them right on your smartphone using a device called Google Home or Alexa. Such devices even allows homeowners to lock doors, turn on lights, and change the temperature in their homes with a click of a button. Not only has technology brought security to our homes, but it has brought safety to our country. (Homeland Security Article here & CVP)

Even with all these improvements to social media, medicine, emergency services, jobs, education, and many others, we must step back and address the other side of the technology argument. Is bringing more technology into our lives really working? Is technology going to continuously benefit us for years to come? Will technology eventually take over and make us lose our values as a society? All very good questions that someday we should address but what we really need to do is just accept and adopt technology into our lives to make future generations flourish and succeed.

We should not fear technology and what it brings us, we should adapt to it so we can constantly be advancing ourselves as a society. Soon there might not be any paper books available and downloading them on our smart devices will be the only option. Although some people may prefer one over the other, don’t think of that as a burden; think of it as a convenience to have everything in your pocket. Who knows what the next technological advancement will be in the future, maybe even robots will be available to us soon.  

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