The Good Side of Technology

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Technology is a wonderful thing and has come a long way, allowing people to instantly communicate with others down the street or across the world, giving us unlimited access to virtually any information, resources and services. Overall around ¾ of Americans go online every day. When a person needs an address, phone number, directions, help with homework, or just want to enjoy some social media technology is what we turn to. From grandparents to young children and everyone in between this is what life consists of using, what did we do before cell phones? Technology can very resourceful, but it is especially beneficial considering how it has helped to save so many lives using many of its resources for example being able to call 911 on a cell phone in the middle of nowhere, or having the means of fast transportation in case of an emergency, the technology hospitals and other facilities have in order to find out what is wrong with a person and the ability to fix it, medications, these abilities and so many more have forever changed our lives.

It would be rare to find a person these days that has not been positively impacted by technology. Let’s go back 100 years, to a time where vehicles were just beginning to be attained by the public, electricity was not everywhere yet, neither were refrigerators or air conditioners, radio broadcasting or electric washing machines. These are all things we take for granted today and although people are very grateful for their air conditioners more importantly, “the introduction of insulin, penicillin, vaccination against polio, and better sanitation have caused the life expectancy at birth to reach an average of 71 in 2016 compared to 48 in 1916” (Albertson 1). All these medications are still used to help people today all over the world.

Technology is everywhere people cannot hide from it and why would they want to, life would be very difficult without it. Communication is on another level a better place than ever before, technology helps people with speech and hearing impairments to understand and be able to communicate with their loved ones. Voice command for someone unable to move, for the visually-impaired people will one day be able to use GPS enabled technology to guide them. Wheelchairs seem to be getting bigger and better. How could anyone question the benefits to technology? “Our lives are full of energy-saving devices, from ready meals to remote controls, all designed to make our lives easier” (Stamatakis and Weiler 1). Technology was created to make life easier and help.

Social media is a great tool to use in case of emergencies. A missing grandmother, daughter, son or a missing pet for example Amber-Alerts using network capabilities. News can spread like wildfire and cell phone companies can get a hold of all their users if need be. If severe weather is coming people can be warned, fast! In case of an unfortunate situation community members can come together and help each other with go fund me accounts. “The opportunities are many and the needs are great. Technologists love to solve problems; it’s what they do best” (Fruchterman 1). In other words, the sky is the limit with technology.

Some people may not realize the importance and benefits of technology, but it is not all fun and games. It gives people the ability to do more in less time. The possibilities are endless for the next 100 years, the positives definitely outweigh any negatives that might come up. The bottom line is technology has most certainly been beneficial to every human in one way or another in todays world and that cannot be argued.

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