How Technology has Changed the World

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Time is always changing. New thing could replace old thing especially in technology. With the education’s quality become higher. Lot of teenager has ability to join the scientist study. Chines governments pay a lot of effort to find those people. After 20 years, china become strong and it communication has changed also. Such like phone, the important tools for people to communicate. After 20 years, people control this device well and it comes to each family home. It became common and popular. Cellular phone is the common name of mobile phone. It was named because of its expensive price and huge size before the mid-1990s. It was first invented by Martin Cooper, an engineer of Motorola in 1973.

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“How Technology has Changed the World”

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The emergence of mobile phone means that China has entered the era of mobile communication. In 1987, Guangdong took the lead in building 900MHz analog mobile phone in order to connect with Hong Kong and Macao in mobile communication.  Motorola has also set up an office in Beijing to promote mobile phones. This kind of heavy mobile phone, thick and heavy, looks like a black brick, and weighs more than a Jin. It has no other function but to make a phone call, and the quality of the call is not clear and stable enough. It often needs to shout. After charging one of its large batteries, it can only maintain 30 minutes of communication. Nevertheless, cell phones are still in short supply, and money is hard to find. In that year, the public price of mobile phone was about 20000 Yuan, but it usually took 25000 Yuan to buy it.

The black market price used to be as high as 50000 Yuan. This not only makes the average person flinch, but also small and medium-sized enterprises can afford. But it means china make a big step. Although it expensive. After 5 years, this phone cheaper that more people can buy it. But another device has dominant the market.  In 2008, China’s Internet users exceeded 250 million, surpassing the United States for the first time, ranking first in the world; in 2011, China’s mobile Internet users reached 356 million, and mobile Internet users surpassed computer Internet users for the first time, entering the era of mobile Internet, while wechat launched in the same year broke through 500 million users in only three years; in 2012, China’s e-commerce transactions exceeded 8 trillion yuan, equivalent to China’s GDP In 2013, China’s netizens reached 618 million, and Alibaba launched yu’ebao, which raised 180 billion yuan in just six months.(Li 2014)

With the advent of mobile Internet era, the popularity of smart phones has become a major trend in the mobile phone market. The emergence of such mobile intelligent terminals has changed many people’s lifestyle and the demand for traditional communication tools. People are no longer satisfied with the use of the appearance and basic functions of mobile phones, but start to pursue the powerful operating system of mobile phones to bring more, stronger and more personalized social services to people.

Smart phones have almost become the indispensable representative configuration of this era. Nowadays, more and more consumers have focused on smart phones. Compared with the traditional function mobile phones, smart phones have the characteristics of portability and intelligence, which make them better meet the consumers’ experience of mobile Internet in the application functions of entertainment, business, news and service. In conclusion, Smart devices have evolved from expensive mobile phones to more comprehensive smart phones that are more affordable. It took more than ten years. But the change is huge. He facilitated people’s way of living and changed the main way of communication. This gives hope to the future.

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