Society’s Dependence on Technology

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Technology, a term that everyone in the world is familiar of, has been the center of attention ever since the cavemen discovered the first-ever wheel. As the years go by, the way we humans interpret technology has changed dramatically. From the printing press to the development of the internet, the use of technology is what shaped us to the geeks we are. Believe it or not, we millennials live and breathe technology. As the field of applied science has progressed over the years, so has our complete dependency to run our lives. Society is too dependent on technology by the way doctors have been using them in the medical field, the use of social media apps making communication more efficient than ever before, and not to mention, cell phones becoming much more advanced for the next generation to come.

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“Society’s Dependence on Technology”

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The application of medical instruments has become a huge transition to the way doctors take care of their patients. In Ancient Egypt, doctors would have been able to perform surgical operations on the subjects with spoons, knives, and spinners. Being the 21st century, the advancements in medical technology have allowed physicians to better diagnose and treat their patients from small innovations like ankle braces to more complex technologies like MRI machines and even artificial organs. Doctors are even developing robotic limbs to improve the lives of handicap people, making it feel and look like an arm or leg. The development of medical technology has been taken to the next level with the development of robotic surgeries. During robotic surgery, the robot is controlled by the surgeon who is present in the operating room.

Every movement made by the surgeon is interpreted into identical movements by the robotic arms. The surgical robot’s 10 times zoom, high definition, and 3-D images help the surgeons improve surgical precision and outcomes. The use of robots during operations can have a plethora amount of benefits to it. According to UC Health, the patient is able to recover at a much faster pace than traditional hands-on surgery, the precise incision made by the machine calls for less scarring and reduced blood loss.

Other than using robots to perform top-notch surgeries, technology is shaping the way doctors treat their patients is with artificial organs. We are entering an era where doctors aren’t going to ask you for your organs when you die, just to place it into another human being. With the help of 3-D printing, specialists will now be able to perform transplants without the hassle of going through a wait-list of possible candidates. New “bioartificial” organs, made from plastic that’s injected with stem cells, are starting to make that transplant dream a reality. Since the stem cells come from the transplant recipient, the body’s immune system will not refuse the new artificial organ. Secondly, the use of social media apps has been a successful approach to talking with your friends and family.

When was the last time you would just walk outside, go over to your neighbor’s house and talk about life? It’s been a while, huh? The use of direct eye contact has been at a steady pace since the start of instant messaging. According to Mashable, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have all contributed to the breakthrough of technological progressions throughout the internet (Gordhamer). You ever wonder why you always see advertisements from different companies on websites such as Facebook? Well, the use of social media is a great way to spread news around the country. The help of multimedia have ideas travel faster in just a blink of an eye. However, we all know people aren’t comfortable talking face-to-face and that’s okay. Now with the use of social media apps like WhatsApp, we can easily text our conversations or leave video messages with the push of a button. Video conferencing is also a perk in communication as you can do it anywhere you are. Now, having calls with your boss or friends can be made right from the comfort of your own home.

The performance of cellular devices has played a huge role in technology. They are fast, handy and very straightforward. About 95% of the U.S. population owns a phone these days. Even elementary school kids are being allowed to have a phone from their parents. With a press of a button, you can have all the information you want in the palm of your hands. Smartphones with have also taken over the cell phone industry not only technologically but verbally. For instance, people developed a new texting language that is now a huge component of verbal communication. Words such as SMH (shaking my head) and TBH (to be honest) are becoming more popular in society today.

We all remember those Motorola “brick” cell phones that people used to have back in the early 90’s. Man those were the days! All people needed in civilization to interact with one another was this simple device. Just dial the user’s number with the keypad and you’re off! Cell phones back in the day didn’t require all of these fancy-schmancy applications like a camera, GPS navigation, or text-messaging because there were alternatives. To take a picture with a group of friends, you can simply use a Kodak camera, using the good-old paper map helps you navigate throughout the United States whenever you are lost, and sending email was the only option to chat with friends and family without setting a foot outside. According to Time Magazine, there has been a new nickname that is shaping the way we use our cell phones and the way we live our lives, and it’s known as a “smartphonatic.”

It can be defined as someone who changes the way he or she shops, processes financial statements and gets around places after getting a smartphone. Now being the 21st century, high-aim tech companies such as Apple and Samsung are shaping the way we use our cell phones today. Newer phones such as the iPhone XR and Galaxy S9 have security features such as facial recognition to ensure that it is only you unlocking your phone. Managing credit cards can be a hassle with a typical wallet, but now, you can store your cards electronically with either Apple or Android Pay. The use of transportation has also been accessible with a smartphone by using apps such as Uber or Lyft. Using these applications, the person doesn’t have to wave a taxi to get their attention, they can just confirm the location of where they want to be dropped off, and a personalized driver will be at your service immediately. The possibilities are endless of what this little-personalized computer can accompany your needs with.

With all these new improvements in innovation, have we dismissed this present reality? Say today, if the entire network has suddenly shut down, would we be able to survive? Many moons ago, people were able to live without these electronics just fine. Centuries have passed with people surviving without web platforms like Facebook and Twitter. People thought for themselves instead of Googling their every problem. Our dependency on these machines has become too weak.

The use of technology is expanding at an extraordinary rate for users around the world. From performing MRI scans to paying your bills, there is literally nothing you can do with technology. But are there any downsides to using these technological advances that can have people scratching their heads? And the answer to that is yes. One of the disadvantages of technology used in today’s society is constantly having to upgrade the system. At times, this can become a very time-consuming process and can be costly when you might have to buy the latest software. Another drawback from technology is the use of privacy when accessing public computers or wireless internet connections. With all these new social networking sites being developed, another person located across the country can find out where you live or who you’re friends with. It suddenly becomes public knowledge to anyone that’s easy to access. Hackers are constantly at a rise to ensure they have a way to receive every password on the internet from bank accounts to social media by cryptography.

But are there any solutions that can fix these mishaps? Well, the government is thinking of ways to prevent these “hackers” from obtaining personal information such as passwords and bank information. Governments are forming alliances to analyze emerging dangers on the internet. The FBI, Homeland Security, and even academic institutions hope to better understand what kind of restrictions can be used to slow down cyber attacks. Upgrading your device to the latest software might not seem such a bad thing after all since installing the latest update means staying protected from security threats. Otherwise, the older software will continue to have the same bugs and exploitable niches in the code that allow hackers to get up to no good.

An American attorney and speaker, Frederick S. Lane once stated, “One of the great things about technology is that it makes the wasting of time so much easier.” Today’s society is becoming more and more addicted to the way we depict technology. It can be found literally everywhere we go; from our homes such as a television or microwave, to bustling cities with electronic billboards on buildings. The use of cell phones, computers, and even robots are making our lives easier as they are basically doing the work for us. No need to deposit checks or remember any important events as your phone can do that for you. Utilizing artificial intelligence to perform medical operations has never been more precise than doing it manually. The way we communicate with our peers through text messaging or social media platforms just brings a whole new definition of Fast News. Technology is getting more and more advanced than ever before, and there’s no change to it.

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