Technology and Family Problem

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Technology is everywhere, as the years pass, technology industry is getting stronger. As technology is emerging, there are huge change in our life. Since, our life is getting comfortable and easy due to high technology skills, on the other hand technology can give us a lot of inner conflict. Imagine families without technology, sitting all together for dinner, reading night time story with children and spending weekends altogether. However think of our society these days, it is hard to find a family without technology, watching tv, texting with friends and playing games.

Even my family barely talk to each other because we are all laying down and doing personal stuff on the phone. Development of technology has much more negative impacts on family but also to individuals. Technology is the source of all problems happening these days such as bullying , affair even connected to jobs.

First of all, technology can cause a fight between couples. It is easy to access internet all around the world, recently dating apps and inappropriate sites are increasing. Which means there are higher rate that couples can access those apps easily. The higher struggle and loose of affection can occur. According to Dew Brubaker & Hays (2006), 78% of men have went online and had sexual connection with random people, the scary fact that married men are more likely to visit. These secret and inappropriate relationship through internet will eventually cause unhappy ending between married or non married couples.

Also through online, dating violence is increasing. Meeting a person online who you barely know, is a very dangerous action. Last five years, according to Sky-news UK, dating violence such as rape and sexual assaults has increased due to emerging of dating apps. Dating apps could be useful for people who feel lonely and need people around, however there are some young teenagers using those for curiosity which will result bad conclusions.

Due to online sites, couples can tear apart due to affair or in the process of getting to know each other, violence could happen. Second, use of technology will make children and parents’ relationship farther also cause health problem. These days, including education or entertainment, technology has enhanced so much that through one click, children are able to watch animation and get educated. As a result, parents teach children from young age how to watch television just because it is the easiest way to settle kids down. However this can lead to health problem also relationship problem.

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