Is Technology Bad or Good for our Well-Being

Technology can be good and bad depending on its uses and I’ve seen an increasing amount of comments in recent years describing how Bad tech or social media is for our well-being. it can cause social isolation, disconnection, and inequality are blamed for this. I have often learned and seen personally when to use tech effectively as a way of communicating, spreading information or even helping people. How do we decide whether tech is fundamentally positive or harmful for us in the light of these contradictory messages?

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“Is Technology Bad or Good for our Well-Being”

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Well, as with many important unanswerable questions, some answers are not that clear cut. The challenge is that technology is not an object itself, so we can’t determine whether it’s inherently good or bad. Instead, tech are devices that we use on a continuous basis, and it is up to us to determine if we let it impact our happiness as an entirety. As technology begins to permeate almost every aspect of our personal lives, we have been left with concerns that lay bare the structure of the modern family, mold productivity and dedication in the community, and set the foundation for our relationships and contact with colleagues.

Blaming technology for the pressures of everyday life has become almost normal for us, but tech isn’t our problem it is how we use it. Tech alone is clearly a strong device with the ability to improve our production, wellbeing, education and satisfaction. Our, the issue is our use of tech. But rather than actively encouraging technology to influence our lifestyles, let’s take responsibility in our lives by keeping an eye on every way tech collides with our jobs, our friends, and our societies. First off, one approach to do this is by understanding the aspects in which tech has had positive and negative impacts on our lives. Prepping our minds to be optimistic is important if we want to achieve our potential individually or as an entirety.

Since we get a burst of dopamine from our minds are hopeful like from a message on Facebook, which activates the brain region that allow us to consider opportunities instead of difficulties. Believe it or not, we all can train and expand our minds to search the universe for the better. A book called The Future of Happiness: 5 Modern Strategies for Balancing Productivity and Well-being in the Digital Age by Amy Blankenship reinforces and supports all the positive things that technology can give to our hectic schedules, while offering us an insightful structure for setting limits on when, where, why and how we use tech to improve our joy and well-being.

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