Impact of Technology on our Lives

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Technology has been a huge factor in our lives for as long as some of us can remember but not all of the outcomes of the technology age have been positive. Starting with the effects technology has taken on our bodies physically. One of the biggest problems we have seen with our generation growing up on social media is the mental impact it has had on adolescence causing depression and many other mental issues we wouldn’t of had before. Another huge problem is the amount of time spent on technology using social media apps or just wasting time on games causing us to lose sleep, focus, and even social skills.

According to the American Optometric Association, prolonged use of computers, tablets, and cellphones can lead to digital eye strain. Symptoms including things like blurred vision, headaches, and dry eyes. These obvious facts cannot be ignored there’s studies after studies showing evidence that technology is bad for our bodies for instance, An earlier study found that among teens, neck-shoulder pain and low back pain rose during the 1990s at the same time that the use of information and communication technology was increasing stated by an heathlines article. We are putting our bodies through a lot with the excessive amount of time we spend on technology. We could use some time away from it or try to use it less. The denouement of this could be very helpful to our health.

Social media is a huge cause for teen depression and social anxiety. As teenagers we have grown up using cellphones, televisions, and computers that’s just what we’re used to. We’ve gotten used to seeing other people’s lives through a screen and feeling more connected to the world but what about in real life? There was a study showing different findings on technology being linked to anxiety and depression. The evidence suggests that social network use correlates with mental illness and well-being. We have this vision in our minds that social media is good and it’s a good way to “ be in the know” but really it’s making us depressed. We’ve also gotten it a state where we are so comfortable sitting behind a screen that we’ve lost all real life social skills. Which explains the rise in social anxiety and lack of “people skills”. Which is just another reason we should eschew from using technology so much.

We can’t forget the impact technology has had on younger children. I see it more and more often a baby is crying? Put a phone in front of them and everything will be alright. This is such a bad mentality to have because according to an article on healthline children ages from 2 to 5 shouldn’t get more than an hour of screen time per day which most kids those ages are getting way more than the recommended amount. Which stunting there growth and imminenting them a higher chance of later having ADHD.

On the other hand, technology has changed the economy, changed the workforce, and changed so many lives. Yes, technology shouldnt be used as much as we use it but without it we wouldn’t be able to do so many things like talk on the phone or look up a question you have about a certain topic. Technology has revolutionized the way we live our day to day lives. We’ve learned so much from it. We’ve met new people, new ideas, learned about cultures and other people’s way of living we can learn just about any piece of information by simply a few clicks. We have been blessed to have it all at the tip of our fingers.This may be onerous but It all just comes back to the fact that we are using it so much to the point it’s effecting us in a bad way.

To conclude, technology is just our way of life now whether we like it or not. Just to elucidate not everything about technology is bad. Technology is greatly improving the world in many aspects and will continue to do so. We as a society just need to greatly decrease the amount of time we send on it. It’s causing so many issues mentally and physically so we need to decide when enough is enough and put the phone down and just go on a walk or do something productive that doesn’t include using technology. We should never get to a point where we as individuals lack social skills in person because the only way we communicate is online. We need to take a step back and just go back to the basics. 

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