Technology has Played Many Roles

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Technology has played many roles in many people’s lives, if we have a question then we quickly go and run to our device expecting to find the answer that we are looking for whether it’s right or wrong. Instead of depending on google or any online websites we can actually spend the time to go and research what we need or maybe in fact ask a friend for help. People have not only looked up to technology for answers but they’ve become obsessed to their devices.

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“Technology has Played Many Roles”

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It’s gotten to the point that wherever they go they cant keep their eyes and hands off of it as if they are permanently glued to their device, it’s a high chance that they dont even know whats going on around them because they are too focused on something else more important. It’s time that people should value what they see and are doing than rather reading words that really can’t express what can really be going on in person.

The first thing we have to understand is that technology isn’t our companion for life and we should not depend on it whatsoever. It’s not healthy to have our eyes wide open 24/7 and quickly moving our thumbs as fast as we can to send a message back over and over. In today’s most disappointing society we live off of a bright device instead of living in the outside world. There is so much we can experience but we just don’t because our main focus is what’s going on media.

Meeting new people or having great friendships and relatives can bring so much happiness and joy to your life in fact anyone can be a helping hand so stop expecting an answer from google that isn’t a person in your life. Internet should never guide you for success because you are the only person who should put the effort for a good outcome so never depend on technology depend on yourself and maybe for others that can help you strive for the best.

It’s not just teens who are attached to their mobile devices but its parents too. Almost everyone is obsessed to have the latest new phone in their hands, and the instant we get a message or call we are so quickly to attend to answer but in person we tend to ignore and not pay attention to someone who is talking or trying to have your attention which is awfully disrespectful. This topic isn’t for just a certain group in society this is a worldwide issue that can easily be solved but we just make it hard on ourselves by simply being obsessed and so attached to a phone or any other kind of media device.

For example, if a student in school gets assigned a topic they run to google as fast as they can and skim through every word and assume they’ve learned it already and are done. Almost all our life they’ve taught us to stop depending on someone and all we do is depend on a screen for answers that half of the time are not right. Schools have libraries, many other resources and its like thats all gone through the trash, there are so many local places and people willing to help and wasting their time for you but instead you take advantage of a screen rather than someone who’s actually willing to provide you with help that includes opinions, facts and many other useful information. Besides that you can be socializing at the same time but people choose to communicate to google that isn’t a person and that is not healthy in any way.

It’s important that we realize this world wide issue that’s been going on for the longest, first we need to put down all of our devices and appreciate every person in our life that surround us. Every little talk you have with your parents, grandma, cousins, siblings, aunts, and relatives is one in a lifetime and you should not waste the best opportunity that life can give you to talk to the people you have around you. We should be taking the time to value life instead of posting a unnecessary selfie on any app or responding to a boy who is just temporary and etc. Everything is temporary online but not the people you care about are temporary.

We seek for so much online but can’t seek to many family members that don’t have phones to be able to communicate with us, it shouldn’t make them any less important. There’s so many parents that are hypocrites that are constantly telling others and their kids to stay off their phone but most of their time they are on facebook publicizing their entire life. This goes for all ages, its upsetting to see such a busy society on their phone rather than spending time with loved ones and aside from that work too people are so busy on their phone but dont get busy with other important task that need to be done.

Many of you might argue and say that technology has shaped yall in a positive matter and I understand that technology has its advantages and disadvantages just like any other topic. You might say that technology is the only way to talk to family that is far away, and I get that, but people are using technology in not a useful way. They have so many other ways to find other information because if not then no tutors, libraries, school, textbooks would exist those are all resources to help us but so many of us choose to ignore it and that’s so ungrateful of us and we should appreciate and take advantage of those opportunities that can help us and apart from that people aren’t spending quality time with their family because to them they are less important and this is not okay we have to appreciate what we have in person rather than a screen.

In conclusion, technology has changed many people and that’s not how it should be. Its okay to use it on your off time but we shouldn’t trap ourselves in our own bubble 24/7 ignoring what’s around us. There’s so many problems going all around us and need of socializing with your loved ones and we should value that more than anything because life is the most beautiful thing and a device won’t make you laugh, smile like a person who truly is around so it’s important to appreciate what we see outside a phone than in an actual phone. 

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