Technology has Become an Ultimate Need of Today’s World

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Technology is a body of knowledge devoted to creating tools which has sole purpose of helping humanity by making various difficult tasks easy for us by processing actions and the extracting of materials. The term technology is vast and is beyond the limits of possibilities but in fact technology is a very scientific process. We use technology according to our lifestyle. Technology helps to extend human abilities and to help us in our work. In simple words technology is used to simplify our complex tasks like solving our math problems , however an immense difficulty is faced to its inventors for building up high end technology. I have selected this topic because technology has became the most popular topic of worldwide people after the industrial revolution. People are always looking forward in seeking new technology.

Technology is a vast topic consisting of various aspects of our life.Technology would remain the most popular topic in future among us due to its constant improvement. Despite having so much various aspects I have selected it because I myself admire it. Technology has been contributing in my life from helping in my studies, to connecting with my friend and this has encouraged me to choose this topic moreover I have lot of experiences with it.Technology has a positive as well has a negative impact on people around the globe. No doubt technology has connected people around the world through internet. technology has given us a lots of important inventions to humans which benefits humans in many ways. One of the most prominent invention among them is computer. A computer uses internet to access World Wide Web. People use it for various tasks. We have now accessibility of internet to communicate with our friends or family members.Global world now rely on technology to live their everyday life, to do work which which was supposed to be done in several days but now its just a matter of hours or even minutes. It has simplified our lives a lot beyond our expectations. Lots of labour force is not required because robots and machinery has replaced them. technology has become most popular field of jobs due to its constant need of improvement and supported many people financially, now the most rich companies are of technology.

Technology has become an ultimate need of today’s world whether it is a student who wants to communicate with his teacher or a business company who wants to deliver its new product to its clients. technology is always used to bring about their particular tasks.In the past business companies had to do door to door marketing to inform people about its new services and products which was a very hard thing to accomplish and it took a lot of time to yield results .Therefor , people invented new ways of marketing to deliver their products easily. Companies use social media, emails to deliver is not limited to just business however everyone in this world uses technology in their own way. For example a politician needs to convey its message to its nation and its very difficult to go to every house and speaks about their agenda and to help with that, technology has helped on great extent. People are busy in inventing more and more solutions to peoples needs in a form of advanced technology. However People has various needs for technology and get benefits from it but like any other thing in this universe everything has its dark side although technology totally depends on its users how they use it. Where social media can be used to interact with different people around the globe it also effects person’s mental health. There are lots of cyber-crimes emerging on internet like cyber-bullying and hacking which leads to lot of mental stress. technology has lots of other drastic effects on people. People misuse computers by spending excess time on internet and games which leads to health issues like weak eyesight and shoulder pain. People nowadays share almost every experience on social media stretches from checking in at places, sharing their pictures on websites like Facebook which is definitely not a good place to post personal pictures as there is no security of privacy. Moreover it is a great place to get distracted as when someone is focused on a device he missed everything going on around him. There has been a lots of accidents from texting while walking.

Now how is technology globally important? Well technology is important for world in lots of different ways. Moreover it has gained its spot in people’s common lifestyle either driving from home to market or connecting with an old friend with whom it was very unlikely to talk after school.With the introduction of computers, the business world was changed forever. Many businesses like banks,Construction and security take help from technology to make sure that their systems run smoothly. Using technology they can detect the global changes in no time. Most larger businesses have their own supercomputers designed to upkeep the their information handling. New technology such as commerce websites for example Amazon helps busy consumers in buying their required materials in the fastest way possible.Just a few clicks on a website allows the consumer to submit an order, and information technology sends that order to the company.With all the online purchases going on, it’s important that banks and security keep tabs on everything to keep everyone safe.Business is evolving throughout the world. More business are getting dependent on technology which has increased the burden on technology such as more transactions are made per day than 10 years ago. Technology is enhanced in keeping up to the pace of expansion of business. Secured websites are built to make transactions safer than ever. More efficient security systems with better surveillance are installed in banks to ensure a more safer environment.

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