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Ideally, when I graduate college I would like to work at a graphic design company.  However, there will be lots of factors to consider before I decide where I want to start my career.  One important thing to consider is my work schedule.  I would prefer a flexible work schedule and a company that embraces flextime.  This would mean there would obviously still be a weekly requirement for minimum hours worked, but the hours would be able to be molded around my schedule.  While I won't have to worry about a family for a while, it will eventually be nice to be able to alter my work schedule to best fit the needs of my spouse and even possibly the busy schedule and workload of raising children.  The idea of flexible hours would also be beneficial, as extra hours could be worked during the week to allow for a three-day weekend. 

In the event I do have children, I would greatly appreciate paid parental leave and some form of maternity leave.  While it is not all that common, I would obviously prefer paid (or at least partially paid) maternity leave.  It is important to be able to take care of and bond with your infant in its first weeks of life.  Constantly stressing about missing work in order to spend said quality time is not beneficial to anyone involved.  As this child grows older, it is important to have some paid days off.  Whether these days are used to take a child to a doctor's appointment, attend a school play, take yourself to a doctors appointment, or even go on vacation it is important to have the flexibility to fulfill our needs and wants.  I like the idea of working somewhere that gives me a certain amount of paid days off, with no questions asked.  

In terms of payment, this type of job would be generating a salary rather than wages.  A salary means that I would be paid for completing the requirements of my job description, no matter how many extra hours it takes.  Ideally, I would have a competitive salary and compensation package including benefits.  A competitive salary would mean that my salary at this particular business would be very similar, or even better compared to other companies in the graphic design business.  A compensation package including benefits would be anything that was not money that would influence someone to stay at or initially choose a company.  As mentioned before, paid days off would be an example of another type of benefit.  Others include legally required benefits such as Social Security and Medicare.  More benefits include insurance and retirement plans.  There are many things that are considered benefits and therefore many combinations for benefits packages.  My ideal job would not only include the required benefits, but also a fair amount of paid vacation days, and good insurance and retirement plans.  

Another important aspect of my ideal job would be the assurance that I was working in an environment that was fair to all of its employees.  As mentioned in the prompt, this would fall under the jurisdiction of employees in the Human Resources department.  I think it is important to have a qualified team of employees in Human Resources to ensure that the work of the companies employees was fully compensated.  As an employee, I would feel unappreciated if I was, for example, paid less than an employee I knew slacked off in the office.  On the flip side, I would feel bad if I was given more benefits or compensation then someone I knew was putting in tons of work outside the office and ultimately working harder than me.  It is also incredibly important that HR be objective in its management of the companies personal relations.  For example, in the case of an office dispute between co-workers it would be incredibly unfair and a clear example of a lack of objectivity, if an HR rep ruled in the favor of their close office friend who was obviously in the wrong.  It is important that things are looked at objectively, and free of personal opinion in order to ensure equity for every employee in the workplace.  

A combination of all of these aspects would be my ideal after college job.  As I am well aware I will most likely not receive everything I wish for, it is beneficial to at least have an idea of what I am looking for in a job, however idealistic it may be.  

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