Employees and Social Media

The use of social media channels has increased recently in all places (in homes, restrooms, events, travel and even within the offices of the job). Because the job and the job are denied, it is not permissible for the employees’ rooms and offices to turn into sites where employees browse through Twitter, or Facebook. According to the social media what employers need to know there has been a huge increase in the popularity of social media such as Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn, and the loss of the interests of the auditors, and conversion of hours of employment, which takes a salary to a time of entertainment and makes his salary in those hours a place of doubt. It remains important for all of us to invest time in serving us and serve the public interest, and do not waste time on the auditors in the official and civil facilities because this employee or that busy with this technique. And here highlights the role of awareness and guidance by every wise and intellectual. Employers are entitled to monitor employee’s social media use.

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“Employees and Social Media”

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First, know the employee’s personality in the social media. There is a clear confusion in the concept of the impact of the social networks, and the responsibility of the society to be exposed to the collapse of morality, social isolation, family disintegration, the absence of values and principles and the language of dialogue, is an extremism in thought and opinion. Some people have their personalities in websites that are different from those who may find them respectable in fact or in social communication indifferent. The manager will look at this person and be know his personality. how is he affect with others how is talking with others and how is he respond? According to the online reviewed children and teenagers using social media are less likely than adults to be concerned about privacy or to understand how to protect themselves. Because a lot of people they do not use their own social media, so its affect to them.

Furthermore, monitor the performance and action of staff. Although there is evidence of many of the positive effects of social networking sites on employee productivity, it was also somewhat difficult to find a direct relationship between productivity and the use of social networking sites. The purpose of this concept paper is to study the importance of collaborative technology such as social media in employee productivity and to discuss the importance of challenges and constraints on social media in the workplace. This paper also addresses the positive and negative perceptions of social networking sites, the relationship between social networking sites and employee productivity, and examines whether social networking sites can increase employee performance. Publication on social networking sites is a display of cybercrime through the dissemination of false information which causes embarrassment to the organization concerned. Giving many personal information may eventually be in the hands of criminals or in the hands of criminal employers who may cause harm to employees or their family members. At present many employers are trying to look into the world of social media to study the other side of the employee’s personality before giving him a job offer. Because of the widespread use of social networking sites, it has become common to understand the need for employers to consider how social networking sites affect their organizations. The extensive use of these sites by staff raises inevitable questions. Many small business owners recognize the importance of presence on social media channels in terms of customer service and long-term marketing. But few of them are aware of the security burden of this presence, and that the burden is increasing in the presence of their employees on social media independently of the company. Some companies prevent employees from any association with the company – even out of work – on their social platforms.

Protecting company assets; The confidentiality and ownership of confidential information is one of the most important the company’s assets. Including confidentiality and ownership of information generally Information not available to the public in case it has been disclosed Benefit competitors or harm the company. Examples are that’s technical information, designs or action steps data pricing information and action plans or strategic plans acquisition plans or group work plans and stages of action manufacturing information and enterprise applications and software technologies, research and development and customer and supplier schedule as well as proprietary information and confidential information of Parties which are secured and that you commit to save such as private and confidential information for customers and partners. You must be vigilant during and outside work hours, to protect confidentiality and ownership of confidential information as much as possible. Can If you have the authority to do so, you must submit this information for co-workers and external parties who have the legitimate need for it in their work. be sure to follow the safeguards that have been put in place to protect this information of intentional or unintentional misuse. Do not discuss this information in public places where others can hear it. It is your duty to keep information confidential especially after you leave work. Managers should ensure that safeguards are taken confidential and confidential information of intentional misuse or unintentionally and to ensure that other employees do not reach it only on the basis of their need for work. Sometimes you may need to use equipment the company’s computers for limited personal use, allows you do this within limits if they are used reasonable and work objectives are accomplished. the use of facilities and equipment for other purposes will not be tolerated authorized, offensive, immoral or inappropriate. Do not use the company’s assets are overexploited or abused for use. For personal gain or to perform acts on behalf of others. The exaggeration of this may amount to theft or fraud. If you were required to spend your time on the company and make sure customers do this honestly and accurately. You should not post any comments or related files in social networking sites such as social networking sites, publishing photos and videos.

Blogs, wiki sites and other sites if it is positive or which is characterized by a confidential nature of the company. You should not use time, property or corporate networks for Social Media. If you do so outside of the work environment You should make sure that your communications do not violate the law (For example, defamation, defamation and harassment laws), And copyright (or company policies) as a example policies regarding disclosure of confidential information or own or speak on behalf of the company do not distort or insult the reputation of the company’s services or customers If you are talking about your career you should confirm that this is your personal opinion and does not necessarily represent an opinion company. And finally you have to Protect your personal information.

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