What Motivates People to Work more

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Motivation is the important process of encouraging people to work with better performance and action which to complete the goal of organization. In the meaning of motivation, including people’s needs, wants and desires. When it comes to motivation, it can develop and destroy productivity of organizations or companies. No matter how successful an organization is, if there is no motivation such as how to make people happy at work or what can make them to stay active and satisfied at work, there will have some trouble and difficulty at work. In addition, motivation is important part in organization. If people desire or wish for becoming a successful community or organizations, they require to understand how to motivate their people.

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“What Motivates People to Work more”

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Some authors said motivation is directly impact on productivity of organizations and it is also one of the most useful activity and action of doing and making organizations success, develop and benefits. Actually, it is also sure that most of the people work for money like for their living, for their children and for their future to become better lives. Money support housing, provides children food and clothing. In other way, people work to behave experiences, accomplish their goals, to be more understanding in their meaningful work, to know more their skills and talents. Different people have different opinions and choices. Some like the communication with clients and customers. Others like to spend and work with activity. And some workers like challenges, investigations and various problems to solve.

Sometimes, people work for money and carrier than theirs interest and desire. Sometimes, when they have problems at home and then go to work, it is sure that their personal problem can effect at working. As human beings, doing regular work is kindly boring and they do not focus and effort on their working. As a business owner, he or she need to know not only make budgeting decisions, sign the pay checks and promote productions and sales but also to motivate his or her employees to success in their projects and forcing the success of the business further. In addition, the more people are likely to work and enjoying working and make advantages at working, the more organization or business truly be successful in future.

There are some tips that ways to make people or employees to work more at work and satisfying at working and do their best to not only helping organizations or business but also improving their experiences and development. The followings are ways to motivate people to work more:

Communicate and listen

Communication is important characteristics of any relationship. When there are good communications between owner and employees, it can make effects on business’ productivity. For example, when the owner has a meeting once a month, he or she should listen some problems that happened within employees or accept and take some advice from employees. There will have something or some trouble which the owner did not know between employees or people. The owner also need to take notice on employee’s requests and suggestions. Listening to our employee’s opinion and ideas are more effective and efficient for business. As saying,“ Two heads are better than one.” When the owner has communication and listen to their staff, not only the owner but also staffs feel comfortable and delightful with their work and satisfying at work.

Paying Bonus

Using paying bonuses promptly can raise employee performance to reach business goals. It is truly right that bonuses force employees to make an effort at working. Some research have discovered that actually a large bonuses may harm employees to feel more stressful. It is useful that paying a fair bonuses and not ordering furiously for working. But the owner is focusing on his or her staffs to work harder and paying a large bonuses, it can cause staffs to make mistakes. In this kind of situation, bonuses can use to motivate people to work more but when the owner is using it too much it can decrease business effectiveness.In addition, bonuses can actually be use to motivate people but when the owner does not use it carefully and thoughtful, it can make and break organizations’ productivity.

It is directly impact on employees’ mental health and physical. When employees are tried of working, feel stressful and exhausting at work, the owner will allow and give them a chance to his or her staff to take a rest, relax and take a break. By allowing them to take a rest will return new idea or viewpoint on a project or work and be more advantages and benefits for work. If a business did not allow or offer paid time off, it can damage a business a great chance of money. Staffs or employees who are driving too hard or under pressure be infected with burned out. The owner need to paid time off for them and encourage them to be strong, it is sure that his or her staffs will likely be pleased and enjoying at work in this organization. In addition, when people are enjoying at work, the productivity of a business will be increasing because they value their work and try their best for work.


It is an another easy way to motivate people to work more. It is the ways to have some celebrations in workplace. Any organizations and companies want their employees or staffs to engaged and motivated at working. By making celebrations for company and employees, both the owner or employees would be happy at work and want to do more work because they are satisfy and active. The owner need to care more about not only majors but also minors about employees’ life. There are many way to make celebrations at work. For example, employees’ birthday, employees Anniversaries, employee personal achievement and company’s anniversary.

Celebration employees’ Birthday: celebration employees’ birthday is the most simple things to raise employees to work more and have some motivations. In company, some people do not want to express or tell their birthday and they want to keep it a secret because it is not a big deal for them, In this situation, the owner should make an effort and remember to celebrate employees birthday. After making that for them, they will feel like they are appreciated by their owner. It is not required for them to spend much money, although it is just a cake, they will feel the owner valued and recognized their birthday. In addition, the more the owner do that, the more he or she will receive or get a better result from people.

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