Organizing, Researching, and Illustrating your Material

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Following the call for investigation over the Roanoke branch operations, I conducted a person visit of the branch and looked at the problems that are affect the branch. It is clear that the employees’ morale is down while the clients’ complaints are high. Furthermore, the sales of the branch are 5.9% lower from the first quarter to the fourth quarter. I interviewed the employees in their respective departments and established the different problems that affect both the employees and the clients.

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“Organizing, Researching, and Illustrating your Material”

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The employees are overworked with no extra pay for their extra time in the office. Due to working extra hours, the employees are unable to deliver quality work as expected. The accounts executives alter the work done without consulting with the required departments and as a result causing chaos between the departments. The copywriters and graphic designers are treated with no respect if their raise any concerns. They feel undermined and some consider quitting their jobs with the company. The clients also presented their queries by stating that they did not get the quality work as promised. Lack of delivering quality work to the clients can be a great cause of dissatisfaction and loss of clients.

To solve the problems above, it is recommended that the organization review the working contracts of the employees, compensate employees on the extra hours worked. Moreover, new positions should be implemented to ensure that there is coordination between departments and realistic promises should be.

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