The Big Bang Theory Argumentative Essay

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The Big Bang Theory aka the early state of the universe is a cosmological model that was created in seconds like " boom there it is"it all happened in a Big Bang’s basically how the universe began at its simplest , as we know it started as a small singularity then it inflated into cosmos as we know of today. The Big Bang Theory was also considered as a point where it all started. The Big Bang theory is unacceptable because it happened within seconds m/s and it just happen so fast and it created a whole universe in a snap and the things that happened in it (like a bang) as in matter , time , space , and energy.This research paper is being written (argument essay) to discuss how you should not believe in the Big Bang Theory.The Big Bang Theory started 13.7 years ago it was an such thing called the matter era and the era of atoms , era of nuclei , era of galaxies and more.

The chosen part was not to believe the Big Bang Theory happened , In this article it’s sharing how The Big Bang Theory is unacceptable because for one it violates a lot such as the first law of thermodynamics- which you can’t create or destroy energy or matter and entropy-systems of change become less organized over time and it also violated the rule that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.The universe and everything in it that exist such as time , space , matter and energy became in a BANG it started as a singular point and then expanded and cooled giving billions of years to things such as galaxies , atoms and stars and it spreaded out in light years to create our Universe. The universe technically didn’t have a starting point such as a singularity or an infinitely small dense of matter so it’s not very true.This whole Big Bang Theory is considered untrue for several reasons because for one it’s very hard to believe that the world was created in a boom.

The opposing side of this is to believe in The Big Bang Theory because it so called started the universe that people are in today. The reasons why people believe in The Big Bang Theory is because people think that’s how the universe began (consider it as being born) in fractions of seconds the universe grew from smaller than a single atom to something bigger than a galaxy and kept growing on a fast rate (believe it still expands today).As the universe expanded and cooled the energy changed into matter and antimatter they both destroyed each other. There were stable particles being formed such as protons and neutrons when it was one second old , in the next 3 minutes the temp dropped below 1 billion celsius was then cool enough for the (p) protons and (n) neutrons to come together which formed hydrogen and helium. After about 300,000 years the universe cooled down into 3000 Celsius that’s when the atomic nuclei went to capture electrons to form atoms.

In conclusion , The Big Bang Theory (A Theory in astronomy) started the universe creating time , space and matter which we use today in time. The Bang is modified by the inclusion of matter , inflation , dark energy and it was created within a short period of time.The Big Bang Theory is still being questioned until this day in life , but you will never find out if it’s real. The Big Bang Theory is important to understand but many don’t accept it , it’s a layout of framework explaining how the universe was created.

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