Technology doesn’t Make Us Lazy

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The world is always changing to fit our needs. Technology helps satisfy our needs; however, in this topic technology is the advantage. Just a brief history, we didn’t have very much of anything; and if we did it wasn’t tech like. Well we had computers, however they were built into the walls. The phones were in the walls, brick phones, and if you had one it was either small or big. It wasn’t until the 80’s and 90’s that the world started progressing to become advanced in technology. Brands like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and others didn’t come out until later in time. Today’s society has ipads, iphones, computers, etc. The world is always pushing for more technology. Technology that makes unbelievable things come to life, ideas, strategies, aspects, etc. Through technology it helps make Medical Research, Travel, and Communication/Education better and easier for life.

Technology helps to make Medical Research better for life. It helps improve healthcare for the better of our needs. However, through technology it helps people to get the healthcare insurance they need to better themselves. The W.W.N. (Wide World Net) is a source for medical research and information; although in a report “in a 2004 survey of 8 million seniors who use the internet, only 66% said they searched healthcare information online. In 2009 24 million Americans reported the same.” (Business Insider), Also because of the time difference there was a growth in the population of people in the states, but the growth brought more use in technology. Medical research has become better because of the knowledge of treatment from technology to the examination table. Medical treatment is a smooth drive for certain things such as examinations, test, etc. Back before the technology it was mostly a guessing game for doctors. Let’s not forget the best change that has bettered life is the new machines, medicines, and treatments. Now that the doc.’s procedures are voice recorded it is easier to start and end. Medicines are a big factor for medical research, they have changed the way we think and see. Medical Researchers have found cures for things from the advancement in technology. As before the treatments are in and out close to 30 mins and 1 hour in some cases. The technology has made it easier to keep up with new files and old files for patients. On top of that the Doctors are quicker and easier to reach in ways through call, text, email, etc. Medical Research is a win because of the advancement in technology. Technology helps make life better through Medical Research.

Technology Helps to make Travel better for life. Because of the advancement in technology the time consuming in which it takes to plan a trip. It is as a snap of a finger to book a flight, hotel, car, etc. On most smartphones they have the passage to get on the internet through Wi-Fi or Data usage. From there they have the advantage to look at the entire thing they are traveling to and for. Instead of standing in line at the Airport, Bus Stop, and Train Station they have online tickets that your phone can be scanned by. When on a flight or ride as the passenger there is no need of being bored you can do just about anything with your hand-held objects from gaming, chatting, videoing, and pictures. The barrier of language has been broken by technology. Anyone can use their phone to see what something means in a different language by taking photos and using translate. Because of our hand-held items the payments to all things are safer and easier. Card carriers are all over the place they have Apple, Samsung, and others that do payments through the phone scanners. Technology has made trips more affordable, from different sites online. It has helped give us ideas, sites to see, things to do. Technology helps makes life better through travel.

Technology helps to make Communication/Education better for life. Technology has changed the way we learn. Exactly like in the begging the world is always changing. People can get their education from their desktop, laptop, etc. Online classes are held on day to day basis starting from high school, college, GED, ACT, SAT, and others. Courses have been made easier from technology. In class the teacher sends the work online strait from their computer to the students. The technology we bestow is helping.” Technology is a powerful tool that can support and transform education in many ways, from making it easier for teachers to create instructional materials to enabling new ways for people to learn and work together.” (Purdue University)

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