The Future of Technology and Education

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The future of technology and education is all up to speculation but saying that technology is being innovated every day. Even while I was in high school tech was being introduced in multiple ways. In the beginning of high school, we started getting flat screen televisions and our teachers where using them as white boards. By the time I was a senior they already gave most students in the district iPads to use for in class activities and take-home projects. I only have a few ways that I can think of that technology will be used in the future of education. The first way I think technology will be used in education is that more classes will be held in a private setting such as home schooling or even classrooms without a traditional teacher.

The way education is going more and more classes are being held online. With the advancement of cameras and computers most students in the future will be learning from home. This makes it so that you can theoretically can have less teachers and teach more students. I did my last semester of high school in this setting and I personally learned more than I did in a classroom. In schools they can theoretically have less teachers and be able to teach more students with the use of video/holograms. I believe that school districts will be able to save money and teach more efficiently with these advancements in technology. Another way technology can be used in education is related to online learning. Students will have a personalized learning plan that will be made with the feedback of biometrics. “Biometrics is the feedback of biological responses including sweat gland stimulation, heart rate, eye position, and other data and will provide real-time learning feedback not just for educators, but for-profit organizations for the purpose of analytics, market research, and ultimately consumerism.” (Heick, 2015).

By using biometrics students will be taught more efficiently. This feedback will be placed into learning simulations that will be used to come up with a learning plan that will show what the student are struggling with or what they excel in. In addition, I think that technology will be used in the future is most traditional learning tools such as text books and libraries will all be digitized. Even now in our own library we can access most of the literature online through MCC’s website. Maybe sometime in the future we will all have all text books on our phones. I also believe that online text books will evolve to include more activities and animations to help in the learning of new information. We may also have a VR type of device to see and even interact with the lesson.

Most students today are more tech savvy and know how to use the internet. This will lead to most students willing to be more open to learning with these new text books. In return reducing the cost of text books and saving more paper. I see this being a more advantageous than traditional textbooks and leading to less burnout in students’ studies. The integration of technology into education for the future is all up in the air and we will not know how it will be, but all we can do now is to continue to innovate and speculate how it will be. Students in the future will have all the tools that they will need to be successful and we now are the guinea pigs to test all these innovations. What do you believe will be the future of technology?

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