The Impact and Advantages of Technology

Technology has affected the world greatly over the last couple of decades. From the first cell phone, to the automated drone that drops your food off. There are many positive effects of technology & a handful of negative things, I’ll get into details in a seconds. World Trade, one of the biggest privileges of technology.

World Trade has many advantages that are very beneficial. For example, Export create jobs & boost economic growth. They give domestic companies more experience in producing for foreign marks, & keep in mind, Imports allow foreign competition to reduce prices for consumers. It opens up more seats for new jobs that need to be done. For example, Columbia buys million oranges from Brazil,now Columbia is full of oranges. What happens to the oranges? It now has opened a business of orange vending. More jobs, means more money- better the economy.

Technology is shaping our learning institutions with fast,simple, & easy to learn online classes. The cost on online classes plummet compared to in-class learning. No need to pay for expensive textbooks, or commuting costs, sometimes even course materials etc. It’s very convenient & flexible, Students can study or work in their convenience. Or simple trivia knowledge of tutorials on Youtube that doesn’t cost a cent. Maybe your trying to build a birdhouse,and you quite dont know how to start, just pop on a Youtube tutorial guide. Its simple, fast & and easy to do – no need to get frustrated over a birds nest when you have tutorials.

Medical Treatment, very important aspect to our daily lives has changed since technology took over. Its make treatments more accessible & better. Health It opens up many more avenues of exploration & research. Improves Care and Efficiency. The use of information technology has made patient care safer & more reliable in most applications.

Technology has also made many machines that help in detecting viruses, diseases,visual outlook of inside the body & many more to come. For example in a CT [ct-scan] take pictures of your internal body structures like an X-RAY. CT scans, & X-ray structures of medical concern are often obscured by other organs or bones,making diagnosis difficult.

In conclusion, technology has a positive impact on society because of things like World Trade, Education & Medical Treatment. These are 3 very important roles that is necessary in this day in age. What do you think about the positive effects of technology, or do you think there’s more negative outcomes to technology than positives?

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