Technology has Made Us Lazy

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The modern generation of this day have lost their creativity. People and children are playing on electronics to much whether they are texting while driving, or even playing video games on the Xbox or Ps4. These electronics and new methods are taking away room for the old method of ‘fun,’ kids and adults are not even going outside anymore.This generation is falling apart because people are on electronics to much, being lazy, and are not using their brains.

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“Technology has Made Us Lazy”

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People are on electronics too much and are not going and playing or working outside. The average american right now is spending nearly half a day looking at a screen! Around 81% of adults right now have smartphones and use these said smartphones for over 2 hours a day for social media alone. Kids aging from 8 to 12 years old are on social media daily for over 4 and a half hours. This horrid habit that we as americans have gained in our daily lives needs to be put to a end. We can end this habit by going outside and doing things to bring positive attributes in our life.

People exhibiting less and less effort into things in life. One way people are being lazy is with something that takes little to no effort. Recycling when people need to recycle they choose not to and to just put it in the trash. Now this is a humongous problem it shows that there was a generated 251 million tons of trash counted in 2012 and how much recycling compared to that giant number? Only 4.5% of recycled trash compared to if people recycled that number would probably go up a good 10% at least. Laziness is a plaguing habit that we are showing throughout our live. it is a problem that we need to drop from our daily lives like the people back then that did not have these certain problems.

Whether doing something someone is not supposed to do, or even answering something wrong on a test. People do not think before they act, it is a common trait that we just had overtime. One main reason of this is electronics, instead of reading a book kids and adults are deciding to use things like Ipads and phones. Which can have a major effect of decline on people’s critical thinking and their analysis of things. They say that reading has decreased from in the 1980’s with 60% of 12th graders reading a book outside of school. To in 2007 with only 16% of 12th graders reading books outside of school. This lack of reading shows with the SAT score in 2016 being the lowest scores ever since 1972. We can fix this lack of thinking and analysis by going and reading a book which can bring up your thinking by giving you new words and stories to learn.

This society has been ripping and tearing itself apart in many different ways. People around the world are being negatively affected by these changes whether overusing electronics, being to lazy, and even not using their heads. It is the ways that the economy can counter these negative habits and traits which is truly what is really going to matter. 

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