Cyber-Bullying for Teens

The use of electronic devices reduces activity, which can lead to delays in development. It also has a negative impact on ability to judge academic performance. According to Huff-post ,the use of electronic devices by children younger than 12 has a fatal effect on child development and learning. Also due to sitting still with technology, children will have less time to move. Physical exercise improves attention and learning. without physical exercise, children will later be obese.

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“Cyber-Bullying for Teens”

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Which is very bad for children being obese which can lead to heart attack. Including these health problem, relationship between the child and parent will decrease. What children really require from young age is attention not a smartphone. Some parents think turning on animation for children when they feel depressed is the best way, however it will only make the children get addicted to technology not improve their feelings.

In particular, children who cannot adapt to real life may tend to use smartphones or play games, so they should pay attention to their children’s school life and friendship, and what difficulties or stresses they are experiencing recently. Without attention, children will start to have no respect for parents as they step in to adolescent.

Third, development of SNS, which is social media such as facebook, instagram or snapchat are causing cyber-bullying for teens. Getting victim of bullying in anyway is a detrimental for family, unless parents give a fast solution, the children will suffer for their whole lives. These days, it is very easy to find information of a person through social media. It is not a lie that more than half of people in the world at least have one social media account.

According to Akers (1998) , parents are the major role for children for bullying. Ang (2015) stated that lack of emotional support and parent monitoring is why children perform cyber bullying, through online which is invisible. For example, South korea is the fastest internet speed and highest selling of smartphones in the world. Teenagers use smartphones average of 4 hours a day, which is observed by National Information Society Agency (2014) .

Unfortunately, pretty high rate of cyber bullying are happening in South Korea especially through smartphones. Through this research, it is just obvious that more smartphone people use, higher rate the cyber bullying can occur. Due to online sites, couples can tear apart due to affair or in the process of getting to know each other, violence could happen. Second, use of technology will make children and parents’ relationship farther also cause health problem.

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