Schools Enforce on Cyber Bullyig

An idea that is fully formed – fully understood – that sticks; right in there somewhere” (Rossow). Experts are the key to help victims. There are so many therapists and experts that go to school to help children that have been attacked and can’t catch up with their thoughts. Some parents don’t understand what the definition of cyber bullying or how to understand it. Juanne N clarke in the article “A Study of the portrayal of Bullying in Magazine for parents: it is everywhere and its growing” argues and claims that “certain parents don’t give little to nor critical attention is paid to the social and /or educational causes and solutions for bullying. Thus, instead of interrogating larger social forces, blame and responsibility for bullying are portrayed as largely the responsibility of the parents of individual children. This heightens the fears associated with children and child rearing and underscores the demands of intensive parenting” (Clarke 441).

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“Schools Enforce on Cyber Bullyig”

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Many parents work and come home to a messy house, have to make dinner and deal with things in the household; and probably come home with anger from traffic or work and take it out on the child or there significant other but doesn’t give a reason to not check up on a child nor take out their anger out on them. Many bullied individuals don’t make themselves look like they’re getting bullied. Clarke also claimed that because parents aren’t paying attention to their child is one reason why there has been so much fighting and shooting in schools. When a child sees anger in a household and sees its okay to let anger out to others both emotionally and physically. The parents are practically saying its okay to bully.

Principles and administration’s in a school need to take more action. Many schools have a no bullying policies but not all schools enforce it or check up on students until it’s too late. David Mills wrote an article explaining how administration should prevent and how to handle the situation smoothly. Mills stated that “citizenship and online responsibility should address the use of the Internet before, during and after people actually go online. This responsible approach is more than protecting our children and families against potential dangers – it is about teaching them how to make wise decisions in all aspects of their online lives. From social networking to cell phone use to web searches, online responsibility is about how an individual uses the Internet and what impressions they make in the online world. Online safety risks and solutions evolve rapidly with changing technologies” (Mills section 1). Technology is something we use every day but kids especially don’t know how to use it. Schools should inform the students that bullying is something that might happen there’s a 50% chance that bullying could happen. But if administration prepares their students. Students would be happy and know how to act and how to take the information in without hurting the individual.

In conclusion Cyberbullying is a problem that needs to be taken very seriously. Especially now when technology is a big impact on young people’s life. Yet it could be stopped by telling victims stories, better online security, parents involvement, administration needs to inform students and hiring an expert. If people don’t take action there will be more suicidal and students will suffer mentally.

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