How Can Bullying in Schools be Prevented?

Bullying refers to the hostile use of attacks, threats, coercion and other means to make others fear, thereby achieving the purpose of controlling others.

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“How Can Bullying in Schools be Prevented?”

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First, the level of depression in school bullying victims is significantly higher than in children who have not experienced bullying. Serious bullying may even cause victims to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Secondly, they even feel a lack of self-confidence and lower self-esteem. Bullying can lead to impaired cognitive function, such as decreased memory and inattention, which affects normal learning.

Primarily, students need to know how to protect themselves. Don’t take the initiative to conflict with classmates at school. If we have conflict with others, immediately seek a teacher to resolve the conflict. Don’t be playful after school, go home on time, and stay away from violent games and violent TV shows.

Also? family protection is important to children. For the family, Parents should teach their children from an early age not to use violence to solve problems, but for bullying from others, especially physical attacks, you must fight back. Good communication mechanism and habits, always grasp the child’s dynamics in school, can not ignore the child, especially if the child returns to school one day after the abnormal performance, we must pay attention to the child’s situation in a timely manner. It is pivotal to let the children know that their parents are always there for them.

School protection is a crucial part of protecting minors from bullying. For schools, especially teachers, it is necessary to grasp the relationship and status of children in the class for the first time, strengthen education, and increase vigilance. For key children, focus on guarding, abnormalities, and timely handling. Kill small conflicts in the bud in time and don’t create big incidents and impacts. Immediately after a bullying incident, a team meeting or even a school meeting is held to let students recognize that the behavior of the bully is wrong, to prevent the victim from being isolated, and to eliminate his retaliation and uneasiness. The guardian and the school should work closely to restore the psychological harm of the victim, and the school’s psychological counseling center should pay close attention to the psychological health of the victim. Be firm in your criticism of bullies and deal with them promptly.

In addition, we have to strengthen the rule of law and regulations on school bullying and strengthen psychological health counseling and life guidance for students, establish school bullying autonomous institutions on campus, and build a harmonious campus atmosphere. Appoint corresponding psychological counselors, responsible for daily student training, parent training, publicity lectures, etc. When encountering violence in schools, punish students for harm according to the severity of the violence. At the same time, the continuous observation and psychological counseling of the victims are initiated to protect the personal privacy of the victims and minimize the harm and negative effects.  

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