Personal View on Creation and Evolution

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Creation vs. Evolution Paper
What do you believe in? Is it Creation, and that Jesus Christ created the world or Evolution, and that the Big Bang created the universe? With the basic knowledge I have on both topics and what we’ve discussed in the past week, as well as, the websites I have visited, I have come to the conclusion that I believe in both. Using the basic knowledge I have gained from the bible, the websites that I’ve visited, and the Laws of thermodynamics I’ll help you see why.

I was raised going to church and learned about Christianity. I was taught that God created the world. He made the heavens and the Earth, as well as all of the plants and creatures that live on Earth. Going to church and believing in God is based on having faith. I personally have faith that even if it doesn’t all make sense and fit, that there is a God and that he was the creator at the beginning of it all. Another reason I believe in creationism is because I read the bible and it has not changed since it was written. This is proven the dead sea scrolls and the scrolls that were found in the Qumran caves. I learned about this when I was researching on the internet.

In class we discussed creationism and there was a lot debate. After both sides were argued, and classmate of mine, Aden, made some very good points and showed us some good websites that reminded me not to lose my faith in Christianity and creationism. The book of Genesis talks about creation and how the Earth was created in 7 days and then God rested. Now that may not seem possible but that brings me back to having faith. I have faith that a day described in the bible while discussing creation may not be a typical day that we humans have now created. A day to us could be 1000 years to God, we just don’t know, and that is why I chose to have faith that God, or a higher power was responsible for the creation of universe.

The law of thermodynamics says that energy cannot be created or destroyed. I believe this to be true and if that is the case then it backs up my belief in creationism because something had to create matter to begin with.

As for Evolution, the argument is so strong and the scientific evidence is so conclusive that it is hard to deny. I fully believe that from cells, they grew and became something more complex. Then other types of organisms formed in similar ways. There are many different creatures and ecosystems needed to make this planet work cohesively.

I believe that all organisms, creatures, plants and ecosystems on the planet are interconnected and related. Things change and as they changes plants and animals needs to adapt and change with it. This backs up both theories in my opinion because how can something be so complex that if you change one thing it affects so many others and it all be related to only adaptation and not to a much bigger picture?

Darwin was the first scientist to really consider, think about, study this and prove that evolution does actually exist. He showed that birds that were isolated on an island had to change. Their beaks had to change to adapt to the change in the food that was available to them.

In conclusion, the reason I believe in both is because there is no way to disprove either. Religion or believing in a higher power is based on faith, the belief that something is out there that started all that we know to be true today about how the Earth and the universe began. While science eventually came into play because humans evolved and began thinking and wondering about such things. Humans are amazing creatures and through innovation and education we are able to have these discussions and think about the bigger picture.

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