Theme of Creation and Evolution

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Maybe the most argued topic in science throughout the years is how did life and earth come to be. The two sides argue did the life come to be through the creation of a man named Jesus. Or did it happen through the evolving of an atom. I kind of believe in both, but I take more on the side of creationism. Also, I believe in some of evolution like microevolution, and microevolution is same things happening rather that big things like a human coming form an ape. I believe in the living things adapting to their surroundings. I don't totally believe in creationism, but I still side with creationism. There are some things that I believe in evolution.

As I said before I take both sides, but I lean towards creationism. One of the reasons I side with creationism is because of Genesis chapter 9. For those who do not know in the chapter the great flood happens, then Noah must build the ark to save the animals and others. Then Ken Ham a creationist expert says that water froze and then came the Ice Age. I agree with him, because he is a professional and I would hope he knows what he is saying. Another thing that was brought up in the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham, it was Ken asking Bill how do you measure how old ice is. Bill said when they measure it, they count the layers. Then though they must guess how old each layer of ice is. I don’t know how much I want to trust them guessing how old things are. We have souls I don’t care what others say. Everybody feels emotion, like when your find out a close family member passes away, I bet you will be crushed. You're not just going to be like “oh someone died whatever.” You're going to mourn with your family and be sad with them. When you die your soul is going to go to heaven, another example that you are going to heaven is the book The Boy Who Went to Heaven and Came Back. This book is about a 5-year-old boy who had a near death experience and went to heaven and came back.

Now, why I kind of think that evolution is real. First, we are related to almost everything somehow. For example, we get our cytoplasm from plants. We are also almost exactly like ape we have DNA strands that very close to being the same, and some that are the same. It makes sense that we are close to apes since we came from them. Also, some scientists think that we came from sea animals and we use to have gills to breath underwater. Then again from the video Bill said that there are pyramids recorded to be older than the earth as well as some trees. Also, Bill said that the meaning of life for humans is to reproduce and make things better. And once you die you just go straight back to the earth and erode.

Finally, I believe in both but mainly in creationism the part of evolution that I believe in is microevolution. Like for creationism I believe in that we were made by God. And the great flood that caused the Ice Age. Also, that it is hard to count the layers of ice over that many years, then they guess on how old the ice layers are. And I don’t really believe that we came from apes or sea creatures. One of the main forms of microevolution is animals or humans adapting to their surroundings. For example, birds will get bigger beaks in certain areas so they can eat. Birds get bigger and stronger beaks to eat seeds and carry stuff for their nest. Sparrows have gotten bigger in genral, in the north they are bigger to survive the cold temps and places like California they are small because it is not as cold.

To conclude, I believe in both creationism and evolution. I take more of a side to creationism, but I believe in some of evolution. Like micro evolution and animals and humans adapting I am a big believer in.

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