My Opinion about Creation

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How did it all begin? How did every living thing come into existence? These are just two of the many questions that come to mind when thinking about where it all came from. A person has one of two primary thoughts on how everything began. They either believe in evolution or they believe in creation. I am one of those people who strongly believe in creation. Creation is the believing that the universe had a beginning and came into existence supernaturally through a being known as God. Even though all people have access to the same information, there remain differences in the two beliefs. The reason for this is in the way people interpret the information. In my opinion, there are three strong pieces of evidence that support the creation theory. They are the Bible, the existence of living and intelligent designs and the Earth.

The first piece of evidence provided is the Bible. The Bible is the foundation of the Christian beliefs that share detailed teachings of creation. The Bible is made up of a series of books. In the very first book, called Genesis it very clearly states that God created all things. In addition, it states the order in which he created them included humans and living creatures. Both the living creatures and the human body have many similar features and organs to make them function. For example, these living bodies have a head, a body, and very complex internal organ systems that help them survive and thrive. Many people believe these similarities came from a common descent, but as we know from the Bible God created all of us to be on this universe. These similarities suggest that there was one creator, one designer in which his work is evident throughout all things (Evidence for Creation).

After reading the Book of Genesis, it is clear there was a God involved to create the heavens and the earth. The astonishing part is really the timing of it all. Knowing that God created all things to exist in the universe is one thing. However, it is truly another level of complexity when you think about the timing involved. If the order of events were to have been out of place, disruption and chaos would have occurred. The animals needed plants and grasses to eat and they also needed other mammals to help protect them and keep them alive. This is what is called the circle of life. This is crucial to the way nature and creatures rely on each other to take and to give and to coexist. This universe can’t be created by one single atom based on how complex this world was created. It had to be created by a person who is very intelligent and knows what he is doing; God (Religions - Christianity: Creationism and Intelligent Design) (Lezard).

Another strong piece of evidence to support creation is the earth itself. The earth is not only filled with many living creatures, it too is complex in design. The earth is rotating. The earth’s tilt and axis provide for us more than just the sun, moon and stars. This rotation is a about providing sunshine and rain for things to grow so creatures can eat. The nighttime provides us darkness and gives us more than just rest. This is also a special time for some animals to hunt and to move towards new living areas. In addition to the rotation, is the mystery of ageing. Fossils as far back as the dinosaur age have found to be similar in design to the human body and living creatures of modern times. The basics of their way of life remain constant which is living off the land and using a mouth to eat and eyes to see. These are examples of a single creators work throughout all of history. Below the earth’s surface lives another key piece of evidence to support creation which is the diamonds and minerals. These minerals were fundamental in providing a source of energy, of health and of existence in the most primitive of times. The divine creator knew what he was doing as part of his grand master plan because their creation had meaning and purpose (Heaton, Timothy, and Matthew Rognstad) (Rutherford).

The universe has come into existence from an intelligent and intentional being known as God the Father. This almighty creator gave us the heavens, the earths and all creatures great and small. Even if you are not a religious person, there are other pieces of evidence like the earth and the coming of age that are undeniable the works of someone greater. The similarities and timing in his design are pure genius and without mistake. Creation exists because of a greater power and for me there is no other possibility.

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