Claims of Creationisms and Evolution

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Evolution is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “the process by which new species or populations of living things develop from preexisting forms through successive generations” (, while the definition for creationism is defined by Britannica Dictionary as “the belief that the universe and the various forms of life were created by God out of nothing.” ( The flaw with this debate is that evolution has stated where life on Earth came from, it only states how generations change over several centuries and millenniums. To answer this question we would need to look at abiogenesis. Scientists define abiogenesis as “the possibility that life emerged from nonlife more than 3.5 billion years back on Earth. Abiogenesis suggests that the primary living things created were exceptionally basic and through a continuous procedure turned out to be progressively perplexing. Biogenesis, in which life is gotten from the proliferation of other life, was probably gone before by abiogenesis, which wound up outlandish once Earth's environment expected its present creation.”

( Creationism, proposes that all life on Earth was formed in their current state, without any changes, while Evolution and Abiogenesis suggests that life was formed through gradual processes of natural selection and natural mutation.

Young Earth Creationists, or rather, creationists believe that the Earth is 10,000 years old, which is their primary motivation for saying that evolution and abiogenesis is impossible. Their evidence for this, by a young earth website, is that the great barrier reef and the oldest trees are both 4,300 years old. However the great barrier reef is 6-8,000 years old and has been forming for the better half of 500,000 years( . We can look further though, a common argument is that “Erosion rates limit niagara falls to an age of less that 10,000 years.”, this is true as niagara falls came into existence after the last glacial period, 11,000-12,000 years ago, and so the question is raised, “what does Niagara falls have to do with the age of the Earth?” (

Items proving that the Earth is over 10,000 years, consist of literally everything you look at. The oldest wooden sculpture ever discovered is dated between 11,000 and 12,500 years old. The oldest Bracelet ever discovered is dated to be 40,000 years old. The oldest item of clothing is 5100 years old. The list goes on and on but I think my point has been made concerning everyday objects. (

The proof extends beyond Earth's age too, the age of the Universe can easily be calculated through Redshift and Hubble time. The equation looking like ,d=10^((m-M+5)/5)pc. The variables are defined as m=apparent magnitude, M=absolute magnitude, d=parsecs (one parsec is equal to 3.08567758x10^16) and Once m is known, the distance modulus function can be used to calculate the distance to the supernova in parsecs (pc). There is much more that comes into play like the hubble constant but for lack of time just round the hubble constant to Ho=v/d

On the off chance that the Universe has been extending at a consistent speed since its starting, the Universe's age would basically be 1/Ho. Assuming this is valid, figure the age of the Universe utilizing your incentive for the Hubble Constant. Next, duplicate your answer by 3.09 x 1019 km/Mpc to drop the separation units. Gap this number by the quantity of seconds in a year: 3.16 x 107 sec/yr. The age of the Universe in years is calculated utilizing genuine observational information! (

Now that the age of the Earth and Universe have been established, the processes of Evolution and Abiogenesis can be broken down. Evolution is broken down into two parts, Natural selection, and random mutation. When dna is forming in a child, occasionally an error will be made. The child can have a mutation of some sort altering the way their bodies function. This can as simple as having blue eyes, or as dramatic as being born with Sepia-eyes, bar-eyes, or wingless, (previous example is in reference to fruit flies.)

Now that the child is mutated, natural selection will come into play. For instance, let's say that they were born with webbed feet, in a marshy environment, and the rest of their species has non webbed feet. They may be able to get food easier than the rest of their species, meaning that they have a higher chance of spreading their genes. If they are able to spread their genes then their children will also be born with webbed feet. After tens of thousands of years their entire population could be swimming around with webbed feet thriving until the next mutation comes into play, or they might have already had several evolutionary changes.

Nobody is denying that mutations can occur, and nobody is denying that organisms that obtain more food or survive better than the rest of his/her species has a higher chance of passing on their genes. Which is why it stuns scientists and everyday people alike that there are people denying evolution. Abiogenesis is where it starts to get controversial though. Since abiogenesis is nearly impossible to prove or disprove I will simply tell you what it is, and share the evidence supporting it.
Abiogenesis, the “a” is a latin prefix meaning without, “bio” meaning life, and “genesis” meaning creation. Creation implying there was a creator, literally means that life without a creator. We have evidence that abiogenesis was possible however proving it would be almost impossible. The Miller-Urey experiment sought to recreate the conditions present during the time when life would have formed. In the end it created multiple amino acids from essentially nothing. Given a few thousand years and it may have made life. (
Many arguments have stated that abiogenesis was disproved by Francesco Redi, but Creationists don't understand the difference between life popping into existence through spontaneous generation and processes taking thousands of years containing conditions unknown to the scientists of our time. The only thing Francesco Redi disproved was spontaneous generation.Arguments attempting to disprove abiogenesis were abundant, however the majority were “God of the gaps” arguments. (God of the gaps being the “we don't know, therefore God” arguments)
The evidence supporting creationism is slim and flaky, but nevertheless, several of their arguments are debunkable. Here is some evidence supporting creationism: human and dinosaur footprints found together at paluxy river, Texas. A boat-like structure found in the Ararat region, supposedly noah's ark. And a human footprint found in “dinosaur age” rock. We’ll try to debunk these one by one.
For a long time claims were made by severe, "young earth" creationists that human impressions or "monster man tracks" happen close by fossilized dinosaur tracks in the limestone beds of the Paluxy River, close to Glen Rose Texas. Assuming genuine, such a finding would drastically repudiate the customary geologic timetable, which holds that people did not show up on earth until more than 60 million years after the dinosaurs wound up wiped out. In any case, the "man track" claims have not faced close logical investigation, and lately have been surrendered even by creationists. (

Creationists also claim in reference to “noah's ark found on Mt. Aratat” that the example of 'iron lines' that were situated by the metal recognizing reviews and set apart out by plastic tape was copied and confirmed by other subsurface methods including ground entering, or subsurface interface, radar overviews. In reality This case is completely false, yet it has been industriously used to offer belief to graphs implying to demonstrate the interior structure of a vessel, in particular Noah's Ark. (

Regarding the human handprint found in “dinosaur age” rock, which was originally claimed to be from the cretaceous period, there was very little documentation, no sources from where the rock came from or how it was found, or whether there are any other fossils nearby. Due to the lack of information surrounding the rock, the rock is virtually useless to anybody trying to conduct research on it. In perspective on the absence of thorough proof for its source and geologic setting of this impression, it can't be viewed as a dependable human imprint in Cretaceous shake, nor proof of human/dinosaur living together. (

In conclusion, the evidence supporting an old Earth, followed with evolution, greatly outweighs the evidence supporting creationism. Abiogenesis is also supported with more evidence surrounding it then creationism has. While there is “evidence” supporting creationism, it is flaky and can easily be discredited as false. Lastly we have proof that the universe is older than 10,000 years, and proof that creationist claims are inaccurate and/or drastic assumptions. The burden of proof falls on the person making the extraordinary claim and creationists have none.

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