Creation Vs. Evolution: Systematic Theology

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One of the questions that have rocked the world is “how did we get here” essentially ” how did earth come about”, “what is the truth about what caused this”. There are really only 2 answers that people today believe in Some believe the universe and the human race made by intelligent design, and some believe that simply by a Big Bang of the cosmos we came about by slight chance. There are some very distinct things that creationists and evolutionists believe, We will take a deep dive into the questions that rock our society about how we came about. Some of the arguments for evolution are the Big Bang, the evolution of kinds, Evolution is confirmed by the fossil record, Evolution explains the geographical distribution of species.

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“Creation Vs. Evolution: Systematic Theology”

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Most evolutionists would say that they believe in the Big Bang Theory, which essentially is a theory that states that the universe began as a very hot small and dense super force and then approximately 13.8 billion years ago space expanded quickly which led to the formation of the galaxy and stars. According to Denise Chow, the earth underwent an incredible growth spurt and doubled in size at least 90 times. David Spergel who is a theoretical astrophysicist at Princeton said, ” The universe was expanding and as it expanded it got cooler and less dense”. Unlike most people assume according to the Big Bang Theory the solar system is estimated to be born 9 billion years after the big bang which makes in 4.6 billion years old. The formation of the sun and our solar system was supposedly formed by a cloud of gas and the star nebula. Despite what “science” tells us many Creationists believe that we were created by Intelligent design.

People who believe in creation believe that earth and our universe was not in fact made buy chance but that it was the intelligent design of God, and that God spoke everything into existence. They also believe that there everything has a purpose and that the universe couldn’t have come into existence without a supreme being causing that to happen. Another argument for Evolution is the evolution of kinds. The evolution of kinds is where different species have evolved into a different species. The main example evolutionists use to prove this is Darwin’s Finches. The finches that Darwin studied on the Galapagos Islands varied from island to island but helped him investigate evolutionary changes in darwins finches. Evolutionsists believe that this helped darwin develop his theory of natural selection. Creationists believe that Darwin’s finches adapted to their surroundings over time. Creationists believe that they really didn’t evolve into a different kind, they just adapted to the Galapagos Islands.

Evolution is confirmed by the fossil record, an argument for Evolutionists that states fossils of lower life forms should be found earlier than the fossils of higher levels of life which the fossil record reveals, all of the fossils that have been found are in the correct sequence according to Evolution. Evolutionists would say that the intermediate fossils that link human life with that of a chimpanzee, or monkey that is said to be our common ancestor. Most evolutionists would argue that his argument is becoming a very strong solid argument. Creationists believe that there are gaps in the fossil records. One of the major reasons for these arguments is that the fossil-bearing strata are not continuous at all. The biggest gap creationists point out is the 20 million years that speaks on the main animal divisions.

A final argument for evolution is that it explains the geographical distribution of speices. Evolution explains why most animals live in the same places that their bodies can adapt to and that their fossils were found in. 

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