Opinions about Creation and Evolution

Evolution and Creationism are the two main opinions about how humans came to be. Evolution tries to explain how we came from chimpanzees in a yet to be identified common ancestor. Christianity explains that God created everything, and that man was created in His own image separate from animals. The scientific method is how we determine if something is a sound theory, but evolution goes against it.

Christianity gives a simple explanation for how we came into existence as well as why we exist. We are created to give glory to God and bring others to Him so after we die, we can spend eternity with Him in perfection. In evolution, we are nothing more than an accident that has a beginning and an end. This essay is about the proof that evolution is not how is not how the human race came to be, but that God created everything. Evolution goes against the scientific method because for something to be proven it has to be repeatable, and we have never found life on another planet to support the scientific method. One scientist named Erik Zackrisson from Uppsala University in Sweden did an experiment using the earth as a model to determine how many of the billions of planets in the universe would have life on them. He found that only one planet in the entire universe could have life on it, and that planet is Earth. For the scientific method to work something has to be repeatable under the same circumstances, and if in Erik Zackrisson’s experiment Earth is the only planet that has life on it, so then evolution cannot be how we came into existence because it goes against one of the fundamental principles of science. There are many scientists who have tried to disprove creation and ended up converting to Christianity. One very famous English Philosopher Antony Flew who once said "I now believe there is a God...I now think it [the evidence] does point to a creative Intelligence almost entirely because of the DNA investigations.

What I think the DNA material has done is that it has shown, by the almost unbelievable complexity of the arrangements which are needed to produce life, that intelligence must have been involved in getting these extraordinarily diverse elements to work together." ("Antony Flew Quotes (Author of There Is a God)") Scientists believe that humans and chimpanzees separated about 6 million years ago. They believe that there is a common ancestor that humans and chimpanzees diverged from. While there is still a lot of debate on which extinct species is the one we diverged from, scientists are certain there is one out there. The main theory about how humans evolved from chimpanzees is that chromosome 2 in humans was two separate chromosomes that combined into one from chromosome 12 and 13 in chimps ("Mystery of the Missing Chromosome" 2012). They believe that it was a random fusion in primates’ evolution that led to humans. If we look at what chromosome 2 does and how one mutation in one animal would work, we can see that this theory is impossible. Chromosome 2 is the second largest of 46 chromosomes and makes up 8% of our DNA. If two chromosomes combined into one that is only 8% of our total DNA ("Genetically Related to Bananas?" 2018). It doesn’t make sense that it would evolve into an entirely different species. The chromosome slip would have had to happen in thousands of primates to begin a new step in evolution but for a genetic mishap to happen on such a large scale is impossible. If it were to happen in one primate that genetic defect would have filtered out as a new generation of primates came along or would have died as an outcast for being so different from its own kind.

Scientists say that we share over 90% of our genetic makeup with primates which sounds like a lot and without explanation you could come to the conclusion that we came from primates. But we also share 60% percent of genetic makeup with bananas, but we are nothing like a banana so how does that make sense? The reason we are so similar to these two things is in the protein makeup. Protein is one of the basic structures that make us, and primates share a lot of the same proteins, and they contribute to breaking down what we eat. Humans like primates eat lots of fruits and meats. Another reason we are so similar is that we were made by the same creator. It would not make any sense for one creator to make us and there be no similarities. Like with phones, there are many different types and functions, but they all can call, text, and now connect to the internet. They all have similar circuit boards and displays made by the same manufacturer. Just like how God made everything, we have DNA and many other things similar that would be expected if everything was made by one creator but many differences. One thing that separates us from primates is our ability to wonder, recognize our own existence, create, communicate with a verbal and written language, and have a soul.

Evolution says that life came into existence because the condition were just right for some primordial pools of amino acids and other chemicals for basic proteins and eventual DNA. Thousands of hours of research have gone into this theory and scientists are pretty sure this is how we came into existence even though they have not proven it or been able to repeat it even with the amazing scientific advancements and achievements we have achieved as a race. The probability of life happening just on one planet (Earth) is an astronomically huge number using the Drake Equation N = R* ?? fp ?? ne ?? fl ?? fi ?? fc ?? L (Howell 2018) just the probability of one ribozyme forming is 4^300 over a 13-billion-year period ("Calculating The Odds" 2014). That is not even the probability of RNA or DNA forming, let alone life let alone life that could evolve into what we are today.

According to the Bible, the universe and everything in it were created in six days by God. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. On the first day, He created light and dark. On the second day, He created the sky to separate the surface of the earth from the atmosphere. On the third day, He created the land, the oceans, and vegetation. On the fourth day, He created our sun and moon as well as all the stars in the universe. On the fifth day, He created the fish and mammals of the water and the birds of the air. On the sixth day, He created animals of the land then separate from the animals He created man and took time to sculpt man in His own image and likeness to rule over the earth. God created us separately from everything else, and not only that He made us in His own image. This is the biggest difference from primates that prove we did not come from them. We are self-aware, ask questions like why are we here, and how did we get here and have the ability to advance ourselves and invent things to make life easier and safer. We have our own language on many forms: we can speak it, write it, feel it and sign it. Monkeys have been taught sign language before and only know how to answer questions when asked one they have never and will never ask one because they were not created to; they only have survival instincts, not free will to do and ask like humans. This is the proof that we are created by God and not some random act of the universe that created life just to be born and die period. We were created by a loving God who gave us a purpose a beginning and no end because for those who believe we are promised an eternal life after death a perfect life with Him in heaven.

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