Creationism and Evolution Debate

There is always an uncertain issue in the debate. Creationism and Evolution who is correct? This is a very interesting debate about the origin of life. How was the first person in the world born? As an atheist, I believe that all species are constantly evolving. Although some things cannot be fully explained by contemporary science, there are many things that God can’t do in the omnipotent God mentioned in Creationism. This is somewhat contradictory. China is a country with a history of 5,000 years. Our country also has myths, but why don’t people believe in these myths? Can prove a simple little historical story. There are countless emperors in ancient China. It cannot be said that every emperor contributes to mankind, but they are all exposed to the people recognized by God. Countless emperors dream of being with the world, but no one can succeed. There are also gods in our country, but God does not help those who have contributed to a longer life, but daily labor makes their life shorter than others. Let us look at the religious pope. The same status is sublime. Can they really get endless life? The answer is no. Now, the development of science and technology in the 21st century has gone far beyond thousands of years. But there are still many people who choose to believe in the existence of God. However, the theory of biological evolution written by Darwin has been recognized by most scientists. The laws of thermodynamics also confirm that nothing is suddenly created. God who can do everything in the eyes of believers cannot stop natural disasters and massacres. God is what people think of, he does not exist in the world.The so-called God is only the beautiful fantasy of believers.

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“Creationism and Evolution Debate”

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First of all, the existence of life can be said to be a miracle. From single-celled organisms to humans, it has undergone a long evolution. People are made up of countless cells. How was life born? As we all know, water is the source of life, and every cell contains a lot of water. Water is the source of life. Then another problem has arisen how did the water on earth come from? The water on Earth comes from a comet of ice made up of space. Scientists have discovered that water on the surface of the earth will be lost to space. This is because the water vapor molecules in the atmosphere are decomposed into hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms under the action of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. When a hydrogen atom reaches a thin high-heat layer of 80-100 km, the speed of hydrogen atoms will exceed the speed of the universe, and then it will disappear from the atmosphere and enter space. According to scientific research, there is no water on the earth. Billions of years ago, there were many meteorites containing hydrogen and oxygen, which fell on the earth and eventually formed water. (MinuteEarth). The water on earth is born like this. Water first appeared on Earth, and then life began to appear. There is no doubt that it took a lot of time since evolution of single celled organisms to humans.

Second, Atheism, God does not exist. Although China has never opposed citizens’ religious beliefs, most Chinese do not have religious beliefs. If there is a problem and wait for God to forgive, this isn’t a good idea. It is best, to sum up, experience and reduce the continuation of errors. “Let’s consider three of God’s best-known divine attributes: his omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence.”(Nelson) If God really exists, why have we never seen him? So many natural disasters on earth, why don’t God choose to help or love us? Many species are extinct or endangered. Why does God not stop the extinction of the species he created? Although there are some things that science can’t explain clearly, people should not mark the unknown with God’s label. The events and facts described by God are contradictory.
All physical theories are terminated by inductive methods, which is logically imprecise. For example, Newton’s law of motion, after summarizing, a large number of experiments and observations are consistent with the theory, then we believe that Newton’s law of motion is correct until there is an experiment or phenomenon that violates Newton’s laws of motion, and then we think that theory is wrong, or Give up or fix it. The scientific proposition must be true. The proposition of “God exists” cannot be true in itself, so the proposition “God exists” is not a scientific proposition. A God we will never see, touch, and never affect us, in fact, it does not exist. Everyone will get sick. The best way to get sick is to go to the hospital for scientific treatment instead of lying in bed waiting for God to heal your illness. The same disease may be cured in the hospital within a week, but if you insist see God in the same week. Because you died because of delays.

How was the first human being born? Darwin’s theory of evolution confirms the evolutionary history of mankind. People think that life and some of its abilities are initially injected into a few types or types by the “creator”, and the most beautiful and bizarre types are considered to be so simple gravity when the earth continues to operate according to established laws. The beginning, the past, the past and the present are still evolving; this view is very spectacular. (Darwin) Human evolution is a long process of change, and humans originate from the ancestors of apes. Scientific evidence suggests that the physiological and behavioral characteristics shared by all are derived from the ancestors of the genus and evolved after approximately six million years. (Smithsonian Human Origins Program) The evolutionary process involves a series of natural changes that lead to the emergence of species (populations of different organisms), adaptation to the environment and extinction. All species or organisms are produced through biological evolution processes. In sexually reproducing animals, including humans, the term species refers to groups that adults often cross, resulting in the fertility of offspring – that is, the offspring themselves can reproduce. Scientists classify each species as a unique, two-part scientific name. In this system, modern people are classified as Homo sapiens.

Thermodynamic law. Thermodynamics sounds unrelated to evolution, but there is a very important law in the laws of thermodynamics: no energy is produced, and it does not disappear.

Energy does not appear out of thin air or disappears from the air. It can only be transferred from one object to another, or from one form to another, and the total energy remains constant during the conversion or transfer process. (The Laws of Thermodynamics) At the beginning of the twentieth century, Einstein discovered that energy and mass can change each other. This law is changed to the law of conservation of energy. This law applies to the first law of thermodynamics and thermodynamics. Since energy is conserved, it does not suddenly produce anything. What kind of people does God use to create? Who is created by God? These are undetermined issues. No one can give an answer. This is just an illusion. Why do you believe in these unfounded ideas and not on rational arguments?

Why do so many people believe in the existence of God? The development of science today is not complete enough, so there are some unsolved mysteries that we cannot explain. But these do happen, so people choose to believe in the existence of God. God is always associated with religion. In religion, there is a hierarchical hierarchy, there are many people around us who believe in God. Once I learned in a chat that my friend is now a Christian as an apprentice. In the chat with her, I found a very interesting thing. There is always a question in the regular meeting of Christians: Would you like to donate 100 dollars to Christianity in the name of the child of God? Why is omnipotent God not willing to provide endless money directly to Christianity? Why does God who wants to collect this money? Can it be said that God will also play cards to lose money and spend dollars? Why does God not stop natural disasters and massacres? (The Atheist Voice) God did not appear when we really needed God, and all those who have seen God are no longer in the world.

So far, Creationism and evolution still have no accurate way to define who is right. This problem can only be discovered through human exploration. But with the development of science, everything is biased towards evolution. Few people in China are involved in the issues of creationism and evolution. There are indeed many things that science cannot explain, so creationism and evolution cannot define right and wrong, but it is well known that human beings should be equal. Rather than the hierarchy included in Christianity. This is not in line with the development of society. Let us look at a survey: the majority of Britons, including adherents of the major faiths, now accept evolutionary theory. The results of the research at Birmingham Newman University, the Knowledge and Faith Science Center and the investigative agency of the UK Science Festival in Brighton, West Sussex, were unveiled on Tuesday (September 5). It is part of a broader international research project called Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum Funded by the Templeton Religious Trust. More than 4,000 adults in the UK and Canada accepted the study and found that: 71% of UK respondents and 60% of Canadian respondents accept evolutionary theories about the origin of species. These figures include those who have religious beliefs. Only 9% of Britons and 15% of Canadians accepted the story of the Bible. This is in stark contrast to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2015, which found that 34% of Americans believe that humans have always existed in their present form.

About 64% of British adults believe that accepting evolutionary science is easily consistent with their personal beliefs; the proportion of Canadian adults is lower, at 50%. Although the number of people surveyed is not particularly large, it can fully prove that humans have gradually accepted the theory of evolution. After all, science is on the evolution side. God is the concept of man. Believe that the people of Genesis want to do everything, God can bring us the best life, but the reality is that all success depends on oneself and not God.

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