Online Education’s Three Major Advantages

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Technology’s development encourages people to think outside the box and figure out novel approaches to live. In the educational field, distance online learning is becoming prevailing, compared to the traditional way. Utilizing the achievements in network science and technology, teachers can distantly transfer information to students by uploading videoed lectures and giving live sessions. According to Online Learning Consortium, in 2016, “one in four students enrolled in online course” in the United States and the number is still increasing. In tThis essay, I would like to will break people’s stereotype stereotypes and to examine the advantages owned byof online education over compared to the traditional one education.

First of all, online education provides a more flexible schedule. Taking an online course, the instructor usually uploads all learning materials in on the website and students can choose to watch and read them based on their own schedules. This is distinct from the way traditional education works, in which students have to attend in fixed time and physical location and time. Practically speaking, a flexible schedule makes it possible for potential students, lacking free time to engage in a traditional course, to learn an equally online course. People like parents and working students, who already have busy schedules, can enjoy the opportunity of education that they didn’t have access to in the old traditional-education-period. For the benefits given to people confronting with a busy schedule, online education is better than the traditional one education because of a more flexible schedule.

Second , online education allows students to actively select knowledge they really need. Different from traditional education, people taking distance learning can freely choose materials to read and lectures to watch, totally based on their own situation, rather than negatively receive knowledge the instructor wants students to know. On the one hand, Rreceiving online education, students who already known a little bit of the content of the course they take can skip the lectures and materials that they have already knownhave learned. This benefit becomes even more important for students who retake a course simply in to getthe purpose of higher grades. This is so because these students are usually have a good idea aboutconscious of which content of the course is their weakness and which content they have already manipulated, and r. Retaking all classes in a traditional way is simply a waste of time for them. On the other hand, for materials that is are hard to understand, students can review them as many times until they master the materials completelyas they can truly control them, which is impossible in traditional education.

Third, online education is cost-saving both for students and teachers. Online Online courses usually require much less fewer fees than tuitions of attending a university or a collegethe traditional way of learning . Lower charge empowers people with a tight budget to receive education as well. This advantage makes online education to be a meaningful substitute for the traditional one education in states where tuitions for academic learning is exorbitantextortionate, such as the United States. Without fear of loans and tuitionsBy studying online, poor students who had suspended their studies because they were unable to afford the tuition now have access to study now have the access toand make their efforts paypaid off, which they couldn’t have done it.

Moreover , teaching online also reduces instructors’ cost of time and energy. A teacher may be in charge of the same course in multiple classes at the same time. In traditional teaching approach, the teacher needs to repeat the same content to different classes. Usually speakingHowever, in online education, a the teacher responsible for a course regularly opened to students only needs to record his lectures once at the first time. After the teacher’s first instructinginstruction, he can use previous recordings in the same course when next time he is assigned to teach this coursein other classes. By doing so, the teacher can save a lot of time which he has to take to lecture the same content again in the traditional approach. Therefore, teachers can contribute to teaching, research, and scholarship using the time saved. Since traditional education is more cost-consuming, studying online is better than offline in this aspect.

Online education is a product of the development of science and technology and it is a close question whether it is better. However, bBased on my the foregoing analysis, it is fair to say that online education is better than the traditional one because it is more flexible, activity-encouraging , and cost-saving.   

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