Essay about Online and Traditional Education

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“Give me Wi-Fi or give me death,” - today’s society. Technology is an incredible, valuable and widely used tool that many utilize all day, every day. However, there is a great debate over whether getting an education via this method is more beneficial than traditional, classroom learning. There are advantages and disadvantages to both learning methods that we will explore in the following points. My thought process is that the success of a given mode of education relies solely on the person utilizing it.

Firstly, let us consider the pros of the traditional method of education, the classroom setting. Students have more structure and guidance when they learn face to face, as they can receive answers and assistance immediately from the instructor. This also allows the subject matter to be retained more efficiently, as well as more quickly, due to active participation in class with the teacher and peers. This way of getting an education requires less personal drive due to the teacher outlining assignments and homework, along with frequent reminders when things are to be turned in. Classroom learning is based upon a schedule, allowing the student to always be able to make time for their education. However, traditional learning also has its downfalls, as does everything. Students can become dependent on the teacher or their peers for the answers, instead of doing research and expanding their knowledge by pushing themselves to put in the extra effort. Less drive to push oneself can be detrimental, seeing as self-motivated individuals are in highly sought after in most jobs and careers. Set schedules do not work for everyone; leaving students to have to choose between having a social life, working, or having an education, and what is most important of their options.

Secondly, online learning has several advantages that are worth exploring. One that hits home, is the ability to have anxiety (and on a personal note, trauma and anxiety induced seizures) without an audience, a worsening of symptoms, or an interference of education by having an episode. Another benefit is being able to learn at your own pace and in your own unique way, mostly without restriction. Despite having a larger student body to answer to, instructors are better able to answer their students’ questions and concerns without being rushed, as they have more time to reflect. Not having a set schedule allows the user to fit their classes in among their personal schedule, without necessarily having to exclude other activities and people from their lives. Nevertheless, cons are just as prevalent with online learning as with classrooms. As comfortable as it is to do your school work in the comfort of your home, in your sweatpants with a cup of coffee (or wine), this can lend to taking a more laid back, less focused and determined view on your course work, leading to a lower grade. This additionally plays into the next point, which is that if you are not self-motivated, or you take a more relaxed position, you will NOT do as well as needed, and you will fall behind or fail. Online classes are not inherently easier just because they are more convenient. While getting personalized answers from professors is a great plus, they can take hours and even days to get back to you, cutting valuable time out of your ability to study or finish assignments. Furthermore, having the ability to make your course schedule work for you is wonderful, although it once again is a factor which can contribute to viewing it as less important, which again, will lead you to disappointment in yourself.

To sum up, there are several differences between online and traditional learning methods. Online courses require students to be self-motivated, more focused and able to put in the extra effort to use your prior knowledge and research abilities, but they also allow for a more comfortable, personalized experience that is a great opportunity to get the most out of their education. Classroom learning is more structured, which can be a positive or negative for some; it also allows for students to directly discuss their questions and concerns, which leads to better retention in most cases. Every student in the world learns at their own pace, in their own way and in this case, there is no right or wrong answer to the question, “Is online or traditional learning more effective?” Whether it is online in your PJs or in a classroom for 8 hours a day, you will only get out of the educational setting you are presented with, what is put into it, and only you know which method works for you. 

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