Education – the most Powerful Weapon which you Can Use to Change the World

Nelson Mandela has once said, Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. My personal goal for the future in my classroom is to educate students by challenging them to their full potential as well as their needs. In my classroom, I want my students to feel challenged, I am willing to see them think outside the box and be able to work with different styles of learning. I want them to feel as if anything is possible as well as if they could do things they thought they could not do. Throughout the ways of learning in my classroom space, students should be able to determine their own strengths and their weaknesses. They will determine their own strengths and their weakness by identifying what learning style they work best on and how they will work on it as well.

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“Education – the most Powerful Weapon which you Can Use to Change the World”

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The educational principles that guide me as a future educator are to encourage students, develop cooperation among students, communication on high expectations, active learning, and emphasize time on tasks that are given to the students. I will also want students to respect the ways of learning. I want students to be able to share their ideas with one another and to attend school events, which will be communicating with each other. Students will be encouraged to present their views and ideas of the concept itself to the class as well as participating as an individual or a group. In my workplace, I will know students by name or any nicknames they prefer to be called. As a future educator, I will want my students to be able to manage time on assignments by themselves in order for me to know how long to stick to one subject. In the classroom, my students will be open-minded about every idea that is communicated in the classroom.

The purpose of teaching is to be able to help the students with their needs. The three important purposes of teaching are to help students academic progress, showing the students on how to learn to take responsibilities for their school work and to encourage them to have life skills that are necessary for them to have in their adulthood. As an educator, I will help students show or have progress on their academics by showing my students how to making time into doing things easier or how to fix things into their schedule. I am willing to see my students achieve their goals, as in getting the grade they will want to have in a test or to be able to graduate with their class. Another thing is that I am also willing to show my students how to take responsible into their own hands, for this, I will show them how to get things done and turning it on time as well. My students will also gain life skills knowledge that will be needed when they go into the real world, as in entering college. They will be able to experience how the life ahead of them is. I will show them how to be on time, responsible, respectful and everything else they need for the real world. In my teaching space, I will teach the students how life will be head of them with all the responsibilities that they will need in life.

The students’ purpose of education is to be able to learn new things that they did not know they could do or did not know they can learn while they are being taught. I believe that education is important to all students within the different communities because in the classroom, teachers are their motivators. Students look up to their teachers to be able to push them when things get tough. Teachers are also their encouragers. They should be able to encourage their students to succeed in school. Every student will trust in their teachers to teach them something new and to help them through the tough roads. All students should be able to learn within different ways and be able to help each other out.

For someone who is truly into learning something and or new things in the classroom, it means for them to gain potential and knowledge. The student that is being taught and truly learning something can be able to understand the concept and being able to apply their own knowledge. They can also explain what they have learned to someone who is not in the same pace as the rest so that they understand what is being taught. An example can be a language you are learning especially the classes in school, like Spanish. There can be students that do not understand what is trying to be said, so you, as the classmate that is willing to help, are gaining all the knowledge that you know or have learned from the teacher, and explaining it or break it down to your classmate so that they have better understood the concept.

Students should be able to express themselves, to be open-minded and optimistic, as well as being able to take responsibilities for their own actions around their classmates. I believe that they should be able to communicate with each other and push each other to do better. As a future teacher, I believe that students should have the right to have their own learning styles and be able to show their classmates different styles of learning in the teaching environment. I also believe that having high energy around my students will have them with the mindset that everything is possible and with a positive attitude. As an educator, one of the keys to having a successful environment is to have positivity around them.

The most important strategy for teaching, to me, is to be able to identify how the student works. This strategy is important to me because as a teacher, you will not have students that work the same way. There are different ways of learning, learning by doing hands on activities, learning by visualizing how to do the work, and learning by hearing audios. This is important to me in the teaching space because I am willing to show each and every student in my classroom the different styles of learning. As a future educator, my students will learn the ways of learning by communicating with one another and being able to learn from each other as students.

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