The Cons of Technology in Education

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The onset of the twenty first century was marked with great strides in the field of technology. Most of the fields in the modern society have been digitalized starting from our finances, education to the daily tasks we perform where one can do his or her job despite being away from the office (Harding, p 290). Individuals are able to be updated on daily developments no matter the location you are. Despite technology playing a big role in the widespread of information and improvement of literacy levels it also contains some negative impacts on the field of education. The internet has greatly entrenched the lives of most students where there is a limited face to face interaction with their teachers. Most of the students both at high school and college level whenever they want to consult their teachers they email their teachers. On the other hand the teacher submits most of the classroom assignment through an online platform and submits in the same manner after marking and highlighting the areas to be corrected. This greatly reduces the time that the students spend with their teachers thus a con of technology on education. The classroom experience of learning fades away. Technology may also act as a communication barrier in the education process. In some instances in areas where the students isn’t adverse with the student might greatly prefer looking online for the solution of the problem other than asking the teacher thus limiting the teacher student interactions. One of the greatest contributor of the classroom learning is the face to face conversation which is an essential aspect in learning that isn’t provided by technology thus building a barrier in education. In the classroom experience teachers are able to learn more about their student unlike in the online platform where most of the interaction is based on academics. The attendance of classes boosts interactions with fellow student unlike the eLearning scope where most of the interactions are based on teacher student. Most of the gadgets ranging from laptops, desktops and tablets that are used for the online classes are costly. The initial purchase cost of the equipment is expensive thus in some of the schools they aren’t present. The maintenance of the gadgets is also expensive ranging from the network services and the conducting of regular updates on the devices. For schools that oblige students to bring their own devices transfer the cost of these devices to their parents or guardians who may not be able to afford the cost of the devices. Technology has greatly attributed to the disrespect of teachers by students. Students have a great amount of time in perusing through modern developments in certain topics of studies over the internet and in some instances the student might cover other topics that the teacher hasn’t covered in class. The teacher spends most of their time at work thus they aren’t able to keep tabs with the modern developments. These results to a situation where the students have great new information on certain topics that the teacher isn’t adverse with thus when the teacher is inaccurate these result to inconsistencies of information. This results to reduction in authority of teachers over the students based on the mistake made by the teacher since most of students do not realize the value of systematic knowledge and not a single fact pointed out by the internet. The movement from class to class is a manner of physical activity. In the eLearning scope there is less physical activity associated with it thus a student might be at risk of being obese since it involves your brain and typing since you can access an online library for books and journals on the topic of study. While the school experience involves visiting the school library and searching through the catalogues of books for the required one thus a form of physical activity. In conducting of research using the online platform where you can post the question under research to the population under research thus a non-physical activity while without the provision of internet one is mandated to book appointment with the population under research and travel to areas under research thus a form of physical activity. Technology is also a great distractor in the education process. Cell phones are a great distractor within the classroom and they aren’t easily regulated. The eminence of cell phones in the classroom creates great havocs that forces the teacher to cross boundaries from being a teacher into an enforcer. Teachers also spend most of their teaching time in classrooms trying to spot students that are using their phones rather than explaining the topic under discussion. The devices are also a distractor where the student might shift from doing their assignment and might be engaged in playing video games, listening to music or any activity not related to education. From the discussion it can be clearly seen that technology has a negative impact on education not only on the students’ perspective but also on the teacher’s perspective. Despite its great contribution in the academic field and improvement of literacy level it also has some limitations. Despite the embracement of change in the various academic fields brought about by technology, consideration of old methods of learning is an essential aspect.

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Work Cited

Harding, Jane. “Information literacy and the public library.”? Australasian Public Libraries and Information Services? 21.4 (2008): 289-298.

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