A Comparison of Online Education and Traditional Education

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Due to the rapidly changing world of technology, an ongoing argument has raised with those involved in education: Does online education trump tradicional education? Although the techniques of traditional schooling have been modified through the ages, some would argue that participating in online courses are more beneficial than attending school in the classroom. The factors in argument will greatly affect either the growing of the online classroom or the continued modification of the traditional classroom. Just a few of the factors up for discussion on this issue include the student's social preference, the student's time availability, and the student's method of learning. The way in which the student learns will determine the preferred teaching methods of the separate classrooms, online or traditional. The time availability of the student and of the course will often determine whether or not the student is able to attend the class on a consistent basis. Some students will prefer to be alone during their leaming process while others enjoy the social aspect of the classroom setting. The factors of this argument will affect the way in which an individual will learn and could potentially determine the level of education achieved by that person.

At a young age, most students know whether or not they enjoy the social aspect of a school. Most students will prefer the traditional classroom because of the teacher and peer interaction. In the traditional classroom. Students are able to openly ask questions directed at the instructor which will help most students in their learning process. Students are also able to participate in group activities that can improve the student's social skills and present to them new ways to learn by observing their peers. Other students may prefer the online setting because they are able to learn faster by not being interrupted by fellow classmates in need of assistance. These two different types of students become evident in the classroom early on and need to be handled in a unique fashion. Perhaps the student that prefers to be more independents should experiment with an online school program rather than the traditional classroom setting. The subject matter in each course is the same, but the settings and teaching methods will differ. This is one of the multiple factors that will determine online school versus traditional school benefits.

Some students, mainly those who attend college, are in need of extremely flexible classes due to hectic work schedules. Those busy students would be better suited for an online course to access their work at any point in the day and not be restrained to a specific time frame. Some students would argue that attending class is essential in building a relationship with the professor. Online students and classroom students are provided with the same office hours. Therefore, making the professor equally available for both types of students. Online courses for college students can be beneficial in creating more independence and self-discipline rather than constantly being reminded of upcoming assignments or exams. Although the online course con be beneficial for developing independence. It could potentially be more difficult for particularly freshman transitioning from high school into the college setting. Each method of the classroom is essential and some students may not realize that the cost is equivalent and the degrees are the same. Whether online or in the physical classroom, the student is required to be committed to the course and to the work assigned. Although online classes are flexible to fit the busy schedule of some students, the commitment is expected to be the same.

Each student that attends school has a unique way in which they are able to learn information easily and quickly. Often in the traditional classroom, the instructor is forced to provide and convey the information in the same format to every student. In most cases, students will struggle with the material presented, not necessarily because they do not understand, but due to the method in which it is being provided to them. The material given throughout the online course must be read and studied whereas, in the classroom setting, the students will learn from a lecture. Some students will enjoy the reading that the online course provides because perhaps they are a visual learner and prefer to read rather than listen to a lecture in the traditional classroom. Lectures in the traditional classroom may also be beneficial for those students who recall information that they are told rather than what they read. In this case, some will argue that the traditional classroom is more desirable because the students can take in the information in a couple different ways. The students will not only hear the lecture but will write the notes as well. Most online courses force the student to rely heavily on their writing skills considering there is no other way the student can communicate the information they have learned. In the traditional classroom, the student that may not be a strong writer could potentially redeem themselves by presentations and speeches. From the aspects of absorbing and portraying the information studied. The traditional classroom provides more opportunity for the average student to succeed. Online students though will prefer and learn much quicker by simply reading the information and explaining it through only writing. This argument will continue on as technology advances.

The significance in comparing these two different types of schooling. Is vital for the education system for every level of education. This subject is in debate every day in order to determine what is the best way to educate specific students. Student's social skills. And learning abilities will determine which method of schooling will be more beneficial and should be taken into consideration at a young age. Online and traditional education will provide students. With knowledge that must be obtained in order to further their education and transform it into a career. Overall whether online or in a physical classroom, education has become essential to survive in the thriving world today.

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