Education System and Purpose of Education

Early philosophers like Aristotle, Plato, and John Locke shared common ideas on the purpose of education and what everyone should learn with the difference being the influence of each environment and culture.

One early philosopher, John Dewey purpose of education can be found in his social learning theory, which states the primary purpose of education was to teach students how to live pragmatically and immediate in their current environment. More than fifty years after his death, some of his ideas and philosophies are being used to promote student engagement in classroom through the use of technology (Slaughter, 2009).

According to the 2016 PDK Poll of Public Attitudes toward the Public School, 4% was not sure, 26% said to prepare students to be good citizens, 25% said to prepare students for work and 45% said to prepare students academically.

In order for the public’s purpose of education to be in fulfilled in our classrooms today excellence teaching must be present. Excellence teaching is an academic process that motivates students to learn in ways that has a dynamic influence on the way they think, act and feel about what is being taught, a process that elevates students to a higher level where they possess a deeper understanding of the information being taught and the connecting learning experiences and facilitates development of self knowledge (Schreyer, 2009).

Because of the emphasis of implementing Mississippi College and Career Standards in today’s classroom the dynamic of today’s instruction and classroom. The main focus in traditional classrooms today is on preparing students for passing standardized exam and state assessment. These test focuses were to develop critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills students will need to be successful.

Most agree that reading, writing and math are essential foundation skills that everyone needs to learn.

Knowing how to read, write and do math are not enough for students success in the 21st century. Students need the ability to solve complex problems in real- world problems, the more global successful these students will becomes. Students need to be creatively in both digital and non-digital environment, it is vital in helping students learn who they are and what they can do. Students need the ability to think analytically, this means students will be able to use higher – order of thinking. Students also need to learn how to collaboration and communication the ability to collaborate and communicate seamlessly in both physical and virtual spaces globally.

Our biggest collective investment in our society is our education system. It is an expression of our belief in social mobility, and in the potential of each person to contribute something to this world. Schools help students emerge from schools prepared for college, work, and citizenship. Schools are where students realize their potential and emerge proficient in certain fundamental skills. Schools help to transform students into flexible, decent, and capable adults.

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