My Dream Jobs: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss my dream job. It includes at least two dream jobs including job titles, salary range, skills, and education required, experience needed, the nature of work, challenges, and rewards.

Keywords: CRNA- Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, FNP- Family Nurse Practitioner, BLS- Bureau of Labor Statistics

My Dream Job

As someone being in school to become a Registered Nurse, I often do some research on possible future jobs. I plan to work as a Labor and Delivery RN after I finish the RN program. But my dream job, if given a chance is to continue my education to become a CRNA or an FNP.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

CRNA’s or Certified Nurse Anesthetist administers anesthesia before or during major procedures such as surgeries. Based on the BLS survey in May 2017, CRNAs earn between $110,520- $194,990. A typical day of a CRNA involves administering various types of anesthesia in different routes such as IV or spinal. They explain the procedure to the patient or family, implement the plan for anesthesia and help in developing the care plan for the patient. They also monitor vital signs and possible complications from the anesthesia.

There are several steps to become a CRNA and will take a lot of years of practice and education. Without these, a CRNA may face a lot of challenges, like complications or life-threatening situations. An example is an epidural route of anesthesia, if one does not have the accurate skills and experience, A CRNA may accidentally hit the spine causing problems to the brain and spinal cord. The first step to becoming a CRNA is to get a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and pass the NCLEX exam. After this, you have to work as an RN for at least a year to gain experience in a hospital setting, either in the intensive care unit or medical-surgical unit. Next step is getting a Masters or Doctorate degree in Nursing Anesthesia. After getting the degree, one can apply to take the National Certification, pass it and get the license. The skills needed for the job include a good understanding of medications, be a critical thinker, must possess excellent interpersonal skills and have a good attention to detail. But the most important skill is to be comfortable working with needles. Having all the skills and experiences mentioned above can make a procedure pain free and may also save a patient’s life. To me, that’s the biggest reward.

Nurse Practitioner

FNPs or Family Nurse Practitioners are RNs with degrees in specialization for treatment of patients in any stage of life. They focus on promoting healthy living and prevention of diseases. Based on the BLS survey in May 2017, FNPs earn $74,840 to $145, 630.

An FNP can work in a variety of settings like hospitals, clinics, or physician’s office. A typical day of an FNP involves assessing, diagnosing and treating patients. The steps to becoming an FNP are similar to becoming a CRNA. First is to get a Bachelor’s in Nursing degree, pass the NCLEX and obtain a license. One must gain at least a year of experience as an RN, after which you can enroll in FNP Master’s degree program. Upon successful completion, apply for certification and pass the FNP board certification exams. Skills desired include good attention to detail, must possess strong communication skills and must be a critical thinker with good reasoning skills.

One challenge an FNP can face is working with different physicians, who may have different styles of practice. An FNP should be able to accommodate supervising physicians. Being an FNP can be rewarding because you can to make a difference in a lot of people’s lives. You can meet a lot of families and help them to become healthy. It is a great help to the community.


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